Just an update to my projects:

The AER-7 Laser Rifle has been put sadly on a hiatus, unless I can both figure out a way to make the laser diodes work at an level of quality without draining the power in one shot, versus weight of the actual rifle. Now I have a better understanding why guns aren't made like baseball cards. Same goes for the AEP-9.


I'm finally after weeks of work, stitching the last yellow trim to my jumpsuit! Soon, I'll be able to sport nice, weathered, but rugged and durable jumpsuits, with my projects! Yay!


Now for the fun bit and why I mentioned Arduinno. That little open source device have me doing backflips on what I can use it for, even the more advance designs using it, are in likeness to the... hrmm 16-bit computers? Yes, that sounds right. I hope that with these open-source boards, Ill be able to make a computer, in the exact, if not close design to those computer you find mounted on walls in the Wasteland and Mojave Desert, with sacrificing capabilities!