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  • LegacyTech

    Arduino and Fallout

    July 13, 2012 by LegacyTech

    Just an update to my projects:

    The AER-7 Laser Rifle has been put sadly on a hiatus, unless I can both figure out a way to make the laser diodes work at an level of quality without draining the power in one shot, versus weight of the actual rifle. Now I have a better understanding why guns aren't made like baseball cards. Same goes for the AEP-9.


    I'm finally after weeks of work, stitching the last yellow trim to my jumpsuit! Soon, I'll be able to sport nice, weathered, but rugged and durable jumpsuits, with my projects! Yay!


    Now for the fun bit and why I mentioned Arduinno. That little open source device have me doing backflips on what I can use it for, even the more advance designs using it, are in likeness to the... hrmm …

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  • LegacyTech

    New Vault Ideas

    June 28, 2012 by LegacyTech

    Something as a those unknown vaults has my mind turning.... And created one in mind:

    Vault 41!

    Theme: Sports

    This pre-war vault had multiple gyms, basketball courts, and even a full-sized base diamond, however lacked the computer database, or even a security equipment. In an attempt to stave off morale loss and to cheer people up, this vault was designed to hold numerous famous sports player, along with commoners, in an attempt to keep people healthy, happy, and most importantly unaware. This vault was rather large in size, housing more than the standard thousand people, but more up to three thousand.

    This vault was built with money from various national agencies attempting to secure their own protection in the wars, from Nike, Watson, ESPN, a…

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  • LegacyTech

    As with most things with Fallout, one aspect cannot be overlooked. Nuclear radiation. Its everywhere, in terms of background radiation. So how does one obtain the means of measuring it, on a college boy's credit? MAKEzine has a Geiger counter kits, which I definately approve of.


    After I order it, I'll give it a few test runs!

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  • LegacyTech

    To be honest, it not easy. Between Star Wars fanatics, and LOTR, people who really want fallout to happen are far and in-between. But really, I can't think of better world to mimic. A true sand box. Over the course of this summer, I feel confident enough to post my own works, and if I get permission, the works of others, who are making fallout items, and basically the in-game world here. From clothing, to weapons, to food and sciences that go behind the technology... and maybe at the end of the summer, you'll get to see a nice picture of legionary scouts duking it out with an NCR soldier, no promises... Getting the armor just right is a bitch. But you'll have my word as the legacy technology on trying.

    I am Legacy Tech. 11:43, May 30, 2012 …

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