Hello, everyone. I would have made this sooner, but SaintPain was not here for a long time, so I didn't see the point of posting something like this in his talkpage where it could get lost in posts from other users. So, after a hiatus, and then he returned, I resumed with the Season Bottles series of poems. Here is the Summer Bottle:

Outside, the stars are shining, bidding you goodnight. As you turn off your computer, you reflect on the hot day as you welcome the cooler night. Just as you are about to go to sleep, you feel a light touch on your shoulder and a voice whispers in your ear, "Don't forget about your present." Alarmed, you look around the room, but no one is here. Just then, you catch sight of something on your desk. Cautiously walking over to see it better, you then see in relief that it is a satchel.

Picking up the velvet sack and turning on your desk lamp, you see that this one is a rich yellow, like a freshly bloomed daisy. The fountain embroidered in the center of the bag is the color of a clear blue sky, and the longer you gaze at it, the more it seems to move on its own. The velvet shimmers and begins to react to touch by glowing softly. Gently opening the golden drawstring, you reach into the depths of the satchel and pull out the Bottle within. The Bottle itself is a rich maroon, and the tan label reads in lovely black script: Summer. Inside are gold and copper shimmers caught within white smoke. As the Bottle begins to react to your touch, the shimmers and smoke swirl around within the Bottle, and shafts of warm light shine from the inside. Turning off your desk lamp, you take the Bottle with you outside.

Just as you step outside, you begin to have doubts. Why should you open the Bottle? Its a Summer Bottle, and it was already hot today. Maybe you should save it for another time. But, then again, why should you save it? Deciding to open it anyway, you take it further out into the yard and examine the cork. The cork is a deep brown color, with both copper and gold swirls painted on the sides and top. As with the other Bottles, this one also appears to be easy to pop out. Grasping the cork firmly, you pull it from the Bottle.

After the cork is removed, the shimmers and smoke erupt from within the Bottle and blend with the night air. In astonishment, you watch as all but the biggest stars dim and the sun rises in early morning light, and the clouds in the sky are tinged with pinks and purples. In front of you, the ground starts to dip inward and fills with water. As the pond forms, lily pads spring from the depths and buds shoot from the clear water and white, pink, and blue lilies bloom in the morning light and fill the air with their heavenly scent. Around the edges of the pond, rose bushes burst from the earth and just as their velvety flowers open into the cool morning air, they are lightly kissed with early morning's dew.

Around your feet the ground starts to bubble and ripple, and you see that there are vines coming from the earth, unwinding and spreading across the ground. Small yellow flowers form and then wither away as the watermelons beneath them ripen, and the lush grass under them gently cradles the ripe melons.

Coming from the trees are the bright songs of birds, welcoming the new day. Small bushes sprout around the melon vines, and tiny white flowers bloom along their branches. As the flowers wilt, the blueberries ripen and the branches sag under the weight of the harvest. The berries are bigger than any you've ever seen before, and are a deep purple-blue.

As the branches begin to dip to the ground, the grass beneath the bushes begins to weave itself into baskets, and all of the berries fall from the branches and into the baskets with a lush, full sound.

Around the bases of the trees, zinnias and asters sprout from the ground and burst into blossom in inumerable colors. Bumble and honey bees are covered in pollen as they work the fresh flowers, and butterflies delicately sip the blooms' sweet nectar.

Just as the sun begins to rise further into the sky and heat begins to seep into the day, the sparkles and smoke from the Bottle settle into the pond, and it shimmers from your vision like a mirage. As the Bottle's shimmers and smoke settle on the bushes and plants, they fade away into the growing light from the sun. The stars' light begins to grow in intensity as the sun fades from the sky and is replaced by the moon, and the warm air cools as night replaces the early morning created by the Bottle. But just as you start to lament that you didn't pick any of the fruit, you look down at your feet to see that the berries and melons remain, sitting gently in the baskets woven from the grass. Now you notice a note within the Bottle, just as with the others. Shaking it out, you see that it is made of a heavy paper, and is rolled tightly and tied with a pink string.

Untying the string and unrolling the paper, the moonlight is just bright enough to read by. The handwriten note reads: "I tried to capture the beauty of Summer without the pains of the Season. I always loved the early mornings of Summer, and hopfully I have captured it correctly. Please enjoy."