Hello again, everyone.

I'm posting another Season Bottle, which was just recently SaintPain's birthday present.

With a minor alteration, here is the Spring Bottle:

As you're sitting on your couch, you suddenly feel a presence on the other side of the front door. Cautious, you get up from your couch and slowly walk to the door. A light knock is heard. Quickly, you turn the handle and yank open the door. No one is there, and just as you are starting to think that it could have been a prank, you see a velvet satchel sitting on the doorstep. Excited, you see that this is another Bottle! Only slightly disapointed that you were unable to see your benefactor, you shut the door behind you as you pick up the satchel and take it out into the yard.

The velvet of the sack seems to shimmer from the individual threads of the fabric, as if you could leave it in a dark room and it would shimmer still. The color of the velvet is like the shade of new leaves, and the forest green embroidery on the center of the satchel is shaped like a gushing fountain.

Carefully pulling the drawstring, you hold the sack and bring the Bottle from the depths of the bag and into the daylight. The Bottle itself is a light green color, and on the pale cream label reads in fine pink script: Spring. The glass of the Bottle is clear, alowing you to see the contents within. It appears like thick white smoke blended with fine golden shimmers. As you hold it in your hand, the Bottle starts reacting to your touch, and the contents swirl around within the Bottle as pale shafts of light shine through the glass. The cork is a warm brown shade, with pale copper swirls painted around the sides and top.

Eager to see what the Spring Bottle is capable of, you hold the Bottle upright and firmly grasp the cork and pop it out. Instantly, there is a faint sound of birds chattering, and the contents of the Bottle erupt from the mouth of the Bottle in a glorious fountain and merge with the surounding air. The chill of Winter fades as the sun breaks through the clouds. The air around you warms, and the shimmers from the Bottle lift upward into the sky and change the lighting of the day from icy gray to clear and golden.

As you watch, the bare limbs of the trees begin to sprout buds, and these quickly unfold into tender new leaves. Coming up around your feet are bunches of purple clover, and there are apple trees sprouting up from the ground and growing into tall trees in a matter of seconds. Their branches swell with buds, and as the pink flowers open, the little fruits behind them are polinated and grow into ripe apples.

Walking up to the trees, you see that the apples are bigger than any you had ever seen before, and are a gorgeous deep red. Reaching out and picking one, you also see that they are highly polished, so much so that they could almost serve as mirrors. They smell heavenly. Wondering what one would taste like, you take a big bite. The apple snaps as you bite into it, the meat is a pale pink color, and wonderfully crisp. The apple tastes better than any you had ever eaten before. Both sugary and tart, you wish that these were always available. You now see that there is a basket by your feet, and delighted, you begin to fill it with the apples.

As you watch in amazement, the dead, dry grass becomes hidden underneath tall lush emerald green grass, and the purple and white clover flowers peek through the grass. In the apple trees birds are building nests, and the sound of newly hatched birds emanates from the other trees. Wildflowers spring up around the bases of the trees, and just as the sun is setting, the shimmer from the Bottle settles in the clouds, making them glorious shades of pinks, purples and oranges in the turqoise sky.

Just before the sun dips past the horizon, the remaining shimmers settle on everything created by the Bottle, and they gradually fade away. But as you look down at your feet, you are surprised that the apples are still in the basket! Looking at the Bottle, you see that there is another note within, just as with the last Bottle. Shaking it out, you unroll it and read: "I think I have accurately captured Spring in a Bottle. Although this time, anything that you may pick from the scenery will remain after the Bottle's magic has been spent."