And hello everybody! Cue the cheesy entrance music, and let's have a resounding cheer for your new Poll host: Me! Okay, I'm joking about the cheering...mostly...but I am really going to be your new host. For many years I've been a normal viewer like yourself (well, most of you, anyway), but now I'm movin' on to another occupation. Brandon thought ten new Polls was enough, and Jasper is busy, so now he's handed over the Polls to me. The Legendary Saturday Polls, with no pictures, no videos, and no songs! And no conversations with game characters, either.

All you get is me and my jokes that may or may not be as funny as I had hoped them to be.

Instead of pictures and all that jazz, I thought I'd add things that I've seen, heard, and read about. Like some things from an old joke book (it was printed in 1965) that I found at a library sale. There was a section in the book that dealt with errors seen in newspaper headlines and stories, and some of them were particularily strange, which I was thinking I'd add every so often. Such as:

MAN IS FATALLY SLAIN— Los Cruces (N.M.) paper headline

No kidding. So, what...he was doubly dead?

Now, enough with blabbing and on to last week's results!

Last Week's Results

What do you do with alcoholic drinks when you find them?

  • Third place with 33 votes was they hoard 'em. Being a pack rat never hurt anybody, right? ... Right?
  • Second place was 36 votes was selling them. Good decision. Alot of money can be made that way, and it nips the "pack rat" mental illness right in the bud...Most of the time.
  • And first place, with 52 votes, was that they don't pick them up at all. You guys have way more self control than me! I'd pick up the loose boards if you could just activate them...

What game had your favorite rendition of the Plasma Rifle?

  • Third place, with 18 votes, was that you 18 people hate 'em. Eh. To each his own. I like the goo puddles that you can pickpocket later on!
  • Second place was Fallout: New Vegas with 32 votes. I suppose it was the weapon mods, right? Wasn't very durable, though...
  • And first place goes to Fallout 3, with 71 votes! You may have had to go through two thirds of the storyline to get 'em (not counting A3-21's unique version), but at least you could shoot off a magazine without the thing being half broken afterwards.

How did you help Big Town defend themselves in Fallout 3?

  • Third place goes to "killing the mutants for them," with 25 votes. But you didn't stay to kill the slavers? They'll come after you left, you know.
  • Second place was 30 votes, the power of SCIENCE!! Except for when the Protectron goes missing. Then you have to reload from before you started.
  • And first place was kickin' ass with guns. Nothing's better than the kick of a .44! Except for maybe a minigun...

Did you ever use Beatrix Russell's services?

  • Third place was a tie between "maybe not" and "Who?", with 20 votes each. It was only until about a day ago that I finally remembered who she was!
  • Second place was 30 votes of Yes! You like flesh bits falling on you, then?
  • And first place goes to Hell no! Me too. It'd have to be a really special ghoul before I considered doing that with 'em.

How do you name your characters in the games?

  • Third place was 16 votes of a silly name. Pansy-Stardust, here to report in, Caesar!
  • Second place, with 29 votes, was giving them my real name. Hello, my name is John Smith.
  • And first is a resounding 87 votes of a normal name that isn't mine. 'Cause seeing someone with your name die in the game would feel kinda like an omen or something...

Open Poll: What song would you liked seen added to the New Vegas radio station?

  • Mostly classics. You can't go wrong with the classics!

What platform will you be playing Fallout 4 on?

  • Third place was 40 votes of Xbox One. Probably the whole hoopla around "to have or have not internet-based console" that turned them off. Including me.
  • Second place of 44 votes is Playstation 4. At least you can play offline without having to get the patch, like the Xbox One has to be. No internet right out of the box!
  • And first place goes to PC, with 71 votes. "Minimum and Maximum requirements" apparently gets your blood pumping.

This Week's Polls

Have you ever done a playthrough without recruiting any companions whatsoever?

The poll was created at 12:22 on July 17, 2015, and so far 204 people voted.
How did you handle the Misfits?

The poll was created at 12:22 on July 17, 2015, and so far 193 people voted.
Do you wish that the snowglobes in Fallout: New Vegas had given bonuses when picked up?

The poll was created at 12:23 on July 17, 2015, and so far 206 people voted.

That's all, folks!

Well, that's it for this week. And, like all other Poll hosts, if you have any Poll ideas, leave them on my talk page!