Ever saw a "scientific study" and scratched your head over its being absurd? There were some really dumb ones I've seen in the past few years. Like one where "Why do monkeys scream during sex?" I'm not kidding. That really was a study. Seriously? You're wasting money on this stuff? You could try to figure out how to cure arthritis or cancer, and you're wasting perfectly good taxpayer money on this shit! Don't you want to bet that if it were money that came out of their pocket, they'd be less willing to have such ridiculous studies?

This Week's Trivia

In going with "Are you serious?!" so-called "scientific studies," I've got two more studies I've read about in the past:

  • Why do shower curtains billow inward? (You really need a study and money spent for this? Any layperson could tell you that its the hot air rising and the cold air coming from the bottom to replace it. Poof! Study solved!)
  • Which flip-flops make the "flip" and "flop"? (Again, why are you spending money on this ridiculous stuff?! The right makes the flip, the left makes the flop. Buy a pair at a dollar store for a buck and you'll solve that "problem.")

Last Week's Polls

Ever had someone close to you freak out over nothing, no matter how many times you tried to assure them it was false?

  • Third was never. I'm inclined to believe that you have is what's called "selective memory."
  • Second was quite frequently. Makes you just want to run outside and scream in rage and frustration...though that'll give them something else to rant about.
  • And first was sometimes. Worse, it can be about the smallest stuff. Get a grip!

Would you like to find out somehow in a future Fallout what might have happened in Fallout: New Vegas?

  • Third was what happens in New Vegas, stays in New Vegas. Hey, if you get surprised by Caesar or his cronies knocking on your town's door, don't come complaining to me.
  • Second was just a general hint. "Hey, psst. You! I heard this rumor that Caesar rebuilt the giant memorial of the Desert Ranger and NCR Trooper at the Mojave Outpost into himself and a bull! No joke! I've got reliable sources!"
  • And first was loving to see what happened. Personally, I probably could go without the flirting with your brain in Old World Blues. That was just...sick.

Have you ever worried about your amor's condition in a battle more than your health? (older Fallout games only)

  • Third was never wearing armor in the first place. I've went into battle the more "covered" version of a stripper outfit before in New Vegas. Sadly, even though quite a bit of it was leather, it still didn't give me any protection. I would also roleplay a little an angry housewife in Fallout 3 and wear a dress and attack people with a rolling pin or kitchen knife.
  • Second was being worried about it. Probably why I'm always 10 or so points from being over-encumbered: I have too many combat armors in my inventory to fix what I wear.
  • And first was that that was a rediculous question in the first place. But, hey, at least it wasn't a study that took millions of dollars to do!
  • And for an honorable mention, we have the one person, who, like me, takes of his/her armor before a battle. Its not like I like to go into combat in my underwear, or like stripping, I do it out of necessity.

This Week's Polls

Do you think these studies have any "real" benefit?

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What's the dumbest "scientific study" that you've read about? (open poll)

The poll was created at 11:52 on June 10, 2016, and so far 19 people voted.
Do you think that for of-dubious-value studies, the scientists should pay out of their own pockets?

The poll was created at 11:52 on June 10, 2016, and so far 71 people voted.

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