I was in town the other day, and I always notice the large orange sign for Little Caesar's, and I can't help but think "What would the man himself think?" No, really! A little, cartoonish character with an overly large nose and with a pizza on a stick. If it was me, I'd be insulted. "Hey, look at what you did to me! I don't look like that!" I guess the rest of my feelings would be "I'm happy you named something after me...but, still: did you have to make my mascot look like that?!"

This Week's Trivia

When Nero was emperor, he made an edict that all Roman citizens had to attend his plays. However, almost all Roman citizens hated him in the first place, because he ursurped his older brother. This eddict was made doubly painful by his apparent "awful voice." Nero also played in the Olympics, but he made it customary that if he had fallen from his chariot, all other charioteers had to stop and wait for him to mount it again before they could restart the races. What do you want to bet that it wasn't that way for the other charioteers?

Last Week's Results

How do you get your internet?

  • Third was broadband! I always see this stuff advertised, and it looks like a good deal...until you read the fine print.
  • Second was Wi-fi! You like the hang-out-at-the-cafe-scene, eh?
  • And first goes to cable! See first comment.

Say deathclaws were real. What would you do if you saw one?

  • Third was worshiping it. I can totally see some dumb cult rise outta this one.
  • Second was locking yourself in your house. Let's hope that it isn't an intelligent deathclaw and will figure out how to lockpick with its long talons!
  • And first was running away! Just don't trip, then lay there in horror, a la "classic horror movie moment."

V.A.T.S. was changed in Fallout 4. Like it or don't like it?

  • Third was not liking it. I liked that you could, with the "old" V.A.T.S., pause the game and figure out what you're gonna do. Not this time! Hurry up and make your decision! Quick!
  • Second was not caring, just as long as it was back. You'll change your mind later. I bet 100 caps!
  • And first was love it! I guess if you're addicted to something like that, you wouldn't care what it turned into. You'll change you mind later, though! I bet 200 caps!

This Week's Polls

What do you think Jullius Caesar's opinion would be of Caesar's Pizza?

The poll was created at 23:07 on November 27, 2015, and so far 139 people voted.
How true is the in-game Caesar to the one from real life?

The poll was created at 23:07 on November 27, 2015, and so far 133 people voted.
Should there be more Roman Empire-esque things in future games?

The poll was created at 23:07 on November 27, 2015, and so far 141 people voted.

That's all, folks!

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