A recent Harvard poll reveals that 65% of Americans do not believe what the news media says. That's quite the number. I'm also proud: people are thinking for themselves. Since quite a bit of the population don't pay attention to their rambling, why does the "media" continue to bother?

This Week's Trivia

That classic itching powder is actually made from finely ground walnut shells. I suppose in that case, if you had a producing walnut tree, you could make your own itching powder...

Last Week's Polls

How cheap do you get your clothes?

  • Third was deeply on sale. I usually get my new clothes in the 3-8 dollar range.
  • Second was full price. Full price as in 40 bucks and up? Dumb. Especially if its a stupid fashion. Full price as in 20 and lower? Smart, even more so when its durable/never dated.
  • And first was half price. Great for yourself. However, if you're buying for someone else, make sure they're into saving money, as a tag on the clothing showing how much you saved/how little you spent could end up in the wrong kind of conversation.

Did you ever drink any of the rare varieties of Nuka-Cola in Fallout: New Vegas?

  • Third was a tie between Comment and you drank your whole stash. If you're really addicted to Nuka-Cola Quartz, for example, you should get the Quantum Chemist perk. It could save you from the withdrawal (real or otherwise) shakes later on...
  • Second was a couple of times, because you forgot what it was like the first time. I drank one Quantum the first time I played the game, and never again. I meant to try it again, but couldn't make myself in later playthroughs. The (nearly) same in New Vegas: I collected rare varieties, but tried to amp myself up to drink one but it was too painfull, the potential loss of a collector's item, and lost my nerve...
  • And first was never! I suppose it makes about as much sense as using a real-world coin collection as pocket change.

How did you treat Gob when you first met him?

  • Third was Comment. I was surprised, you know. I expected that there would be rude comments about Gob in third place. That means the people of the wastes are more judgemental that the people who play the games. Bethesda should get the hint.
  • Second was who's Gob? Don't play Fallout 3? You can get it real cheap nowadays, seeing as its 9 years old. ... Really? Nine years old? Where'd that time go!
  • And first was you treated him nicely. No reason to be rude and make his already painful life even more agony. I also liked the "Good Karma" sound and Gob's smile going together.

This Week's Polls

Since 65% of Americans don't believe the "news," why do they continue to bother with their ramblings?

The poll was created at 11:53 on June 2, 2017, and so far 39 people voted.
How do you get your money in Fallout games?

The poll was created at 11:53 on June 2, 2017, and so far 44 people voted.
Should have Gecko-backed leather armor in the Honest Hearts add-on for New Vegas have actually LOOKED like it was backed with Gecko leather?

The poll was created at 11:53 on June 2, 2017, and so far 43 people voted.

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