Legendary Saturday Polls, 96th Edition

Leea May 12, 2017 User blog:Leea

When the dog starts barking, she doesn't quit. It doesn't matter if you say "Be quiet!", yell "Be quiet!", plead, offer her cookies, threaten her with a stick, or yell your head off ("Enough! Be quiet!!!"): she keeps on barking at nothing. I know its nothing, because I go out and check. Only a roaring, full-throated, frustration-induced "Shut the hell up!" gets her to quit. Mom tells me to stop yelling like that - "The neighbors can hear you!" she says - but I could care less what the neighbors think of me. I just want quiet.

This Week's Trivia

When the volcano on Krakatoa Island erupted, the sound of the emormous explosion was heard on Rodriguez Island in the Pacific 3,000 miles away.


I can only imagine how it sounded on Krakatoa...

Last Week's Polls

Do you keep a journal/diary?

  • Third was comment. I never had to do journals for a school activity. Most likely because I was schooled at home.
  • Second was you don't have time for such a thing. With everything else there is to do in the world, why bother with laying down your thoughts someplace? Especially if someone could read it.
  • And first was you don't bother with that. I know dad would find it and start reading. I wouldn't mind if he read chapters from my fictions, but my most personal thoughts? Hell no.

Have you ever had an Unarmed/Melee Weapons only character? (no using ranged weapons AT ALL)

  • Third was you tried, but fell back to ranged weapons. I think I had quite a few characters like least in Deathclaw situations. There, stealth and Sneak Attack Criticals are crucial, not running in and pummeling everyone to death. I used ranged weapons for Deathclaws...and Ballistic Fists for everyone else.
  • Second was that you kicked ass! One one of the characters I did that was totally hand-to-hand, I hand Boone or Arcade with me to even the odds. One versus twenty armed raiders isn't exactly the best, even with V.A.T.S.
  • And first was you never will. You can run out of ammo for a ranged weapon, but the plus side is that those Giant Radscorpions will almost never reach your face! Taking those on with Spiked Knuckles is a challenge, let me tell you.

Will Fallout society ever truly prosper? (modified from WhoeverReadThis' idea)

  • Third was too soon to tell. 200 years isn't enough?
  • Second was yes! 200 years is more than enough. However, what really irks me is the whole "tribes" thing. Gangs I can see, but tribes with invented languages? Gimme a break.
  • And first was they need improvements, stat! Wouldn't someone have cleaned up the debris? Fixed factories so that they run again and produce goods? Repaired transports? That you run around instead of riding around on something is almost a disgrace, when you think about it.

This Week's Polls

How do you deal with a barking dog?

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What if there was a game with no Easter Eggs?

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What do you think of the radiation spike in Radroach Meat from Fallout 3 to Fallout: New Vegas'?

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