I don't get the whole "men don't" so-called "rules" for men. Granted, I know that some men don't follow these, but I'm under the impression that they are followed by many. Men don't do this, men don't do that, like ask for directions. Why not ask for directions? We were lost once, and we were driven around for over an hour by dad, who "knew" that the exit we were looking for was "just around the corner" but it totally wasn't. He finally had to ask a guy we saw watering his garden for the way out, which we then found promptly. When we finally got home, I remember asking dad, "I know it was hard for you to ask for directions." and he replied, "Yes, it was." I was joking, but he was really serious.

This Week's Trivia

Humphrey Bogart got his big break with lead roles in three of Hollywood's biggest classics only because George Raft, the most popular actor in his day, turned down each one of them. He turned down High Sierra because he didn't want his character to die at the end; he turned down The Maltese Falcon as well because of the inexperienced director. He also turned down the lead male role in Casablanca because "I don't want to star opposite an unknown Swedish broad." who was Ingrid Bergman. He later called this choice the biggest mistake of his life.

Last Week's Polls

Do you like wearing facepaint?

  • Third was comment. Face paint isn't part of my style, either.
  • Second was once in a blue moon. I actually unearthed some Trivia about that saying, which I'll post someday.
  • And first was that you hate that stuff. I like the option for characters in Skyrim, but never ever would wear the stuff in realy life.

Should the next Fallout game have challenges like Fallout: New Vegas does?

  • Third was only if there weren't as many. Too many! Once you finally finished "And Boy Are My Arms Tired" (my most hated challenge), there comes another one that I can't remember the name but requires you to critical hit enemies in the head with unarmed weapons. You know how hard that is in the heat of combat?
  • Second was that you liked challenges. In somewhat off-topic, is it bad to be proud when your friend (in this case StormRider) says he never knew about challenges, and you feel proud that you stumped him?
  • And first was only if they gave perks or achievements when you finally complete them. I liked Lord Death the best. Who doesn't like a damage boost to everything?

You're in the hot wasteland, and your boots just fell apart. The trading outpost is far, far away. What do you do?

  • Third was comment. SigmundFraud says these polls are absurd. I love this kind of absurd! Its all over the place in Fallout!
  • Second was ride a radscorpion there. A Bighorner was my original choice to have as an option, but then I remembered what Easy Pete said about them, and nixed that option.
  • And first was shamble there with rags ripped from your outfit on your feet. Make sure not to groan from your exhaustion and/or sunburn or the guards might think you're a ghoul and shoot.

This Week's Polls

If you're a man and reading this, do you ever ask for directions when you need to?

The poll was created at 11:42 on March 24, 2017, and so far 33 people voted.
Have you ever had a moment in a game where you regretted something you've done?

The poll was created at 11:42 on March 24, 2017, and so far 36 people voted.
Ever thought that it was weird to have perks but no skills to go along with them in Fallout 4?

The poll was created at 11:42 on March 24, 2017, and so far 36 people voted.

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