Aliens visit my backyard every few days. Always at night, too. They chatter up a storm (it sounds like arguments, really), keep getting closer and closer to the house before the dog runs at them growling, then the cretins curse loudly and scatter off into the night.

Before you start thinking that I'm like Dale from King of the Hill, let me explain that I'm not talking about actual aliens, but rather raccoons. Their speech sure sounds like what you'd expect an alien to sound like. I enjoy telling dad "The aliens visited again" and not tell him I'm refering to the raccoons and smile at the confused reaction afterwards.

This Week's Trivia

Long, long time ago (1600's and early 1700's) it was fashionable for women to carry a little tin in their purse or tucked away in their dress. Inside that tin was a thick paste made from the Belladonna flowers, a deadly poison. In order to recognize death by Belladonna poison, one has to look for dialated puplis. It's a trademark effect of the poison. Because large pupils were considered the height of beauty, they would lightly touch the paste and tap it on their tongue and swallow it. The poison, while not enough to cause adverse effects, made their pupils expand.

Another dumb point in the history of fashion.

Last Week's Polls

Are there patterns that disgust you?

  • Third was a triple tie of "what's a pattern?", "Patterns with too bold colors", and ones that make you feel like you are looking at a kalideoscope. Hehehe...Patterns that look like a kalideoscope and bold colors! What a creation to boggle the mind!
  • Second was totally. Some people might like them, but when I see Hated Patterns, I literally flinch. Gross, gross, gross!
  • And first was that you like all patterns. Don't include plaid in that. Please? ... Please?

Should there be another Underworld-type ghoul city in another game?

  • Third was another tie, this time between only if you could enter when you were already a ghoul, and if you had to pay a fee to enter if you happened to not be a ghoul. I see some sort of compromise here: it could be like the Brotherhood of Steel in New Vegas, where you had to complete an annoying quest to get in, or bring along a companion that's a member. Bring along a ghoul and you can get in to Underworld!
  • Second was that you never really liked Underworld. The only beef I had with it was that the lighting sucked. Add a few more lightbulbs, please!
  • And first was totally! There were some improvements to be made with the concept, but the idea on a whole was great. I always enjoyed my visits there.

Have you ever gotten to the three "unreachable" Nuka-Cola machines on the roof at the Reilly's Rangers headquarters in Fallout 3?

  • Third was that you didn't waste time with that. You were smarter than me on that point. I tried so hard, and never got there.
  • Second was you did, and was so worth it! How long did it take you? I wasted almost an hour once and never got up there. Things that would be easily scalable in the real world are anything but in a game...particularily if there are shifting ammo boxes beneath your feet.
  • And first was that you didn't even know that there were machines up there in the first place. I used to not know either, but I suspected, because every time I would go there I'd be puzzled by the buzzing over my head. Only when I hopped on the desk and saw what was there did I start to waste too much time trying to reach them.

This Week's Polls

Do "aliens" ever visit your residence?

The poll was created at 13:03 on March 3, 2017, and so far 30 people voted.
Is there a race (I.e., Caucasian, Asian, etc.) that you have NOT played yet in the Fallout series?

The poll was created at 13:03 on March 3, 2017, and so far 30 people voted.
Did you ever wish you could have joined the Talon Company in Fallout 3?

The poll was created at 13:03 on March 3, 2017, and so far 30 people voted.

That's all, folks!

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