Ever had a conversation with someone, its going on fine, but then you get that weird itch that something's not right? And by "not right" I mean that you both are not even talking about the same thing. I don't know if it happens to you, but it sure happens alot with my parents and me. We'll be talking along, having a long conversation, when one or more of us will suddenly mention, "Are we talking about the same thing?" and more often than not the reply will be "I don't know. Were you talking about [enter subject here]?" and me or mom or dad will be like, "No, I was talking about [enter completely unrelated subject]." Only no one figures out in the beginning or middle that there were totally different subjects because they shared enough that we were able to talk about it for a while before that "itch" began.

This Week's Trivia

Last week, I talked about hair powder in the 1700s. In the same vein, women of that era also (in addition to powdering their hair...the ones who could afford it, that is) made some wild hairdos. And by "wild" I mean that they actually made wire cages in different shapes and wrapped their hair around the contraptions. As you can imagine, the woman's hair would have to be pretty long to cover the shape, because the cage itself was quite large, as dictated by "fashion." Often, they would have to sleep upright in a chair so they wouldn't upset the hair-wrapped contraption. Also, because of the added weight, there were many headaches and neck sprains.

Last Week's Polls

Does your brain ever play a horrible practical joke on you by playing a most-hated-song when you least need it?

  • Third was a tie between only on the worst of times, and always! So if you always have bad times, that means you'll always be hearing terrible music. What a fate.
  • Second was that you heard it peep a couple of times, but quickly drowned it out with real music. Best way to go! Unless its midnight and you're worried you'll fall asleep with the headphones on your head and then your spouse/parents/whathave you give you a morning lecture on how expensive batteries/electricity is, and to just suffer at night. Its what they do, and blah blah blah.
  • And first was never happens. I knew it! I'm cursed!

Do you ever clean out your weapons/armor and clothing/junk closet in a game and sell things you don't need/don't want anymore?

  • Third was that you regularily clean those closets. Do you clean out your real-life closets as routinely as well?
  • Second was only when it takes you too long to get to the bottom of the list. I've timed some of the chests in my homes, and it takes two or more minutes to get to the bottom. I should clean them out, but I can never seem to get up the nerve.
  • And first was that you hoard matter how many of the same item you have. Bethesda could be proud: they create games that make their players into unreasoning packrats. Every game!

In games where there's no "level cap," is leveling up on the higher levels still fun, or is it hard, and thus not so fun?

  • Third was not so fun. In the end, I have to try to raise Alchemy or some other skill that whatever character didn't specialize in to level up. Pickpocket on heavy armor two handed characters is the hardest.
  • Second was still fun! When you're hacking and slashing enemies in a ruin, you don't even realize that you're leveling up two or one handed!
  • And first was a little of both. Leveling up at 50+ ends up being time consuming to get the perks you want that you should have gotten when you got that skill level in the first place but you didn't and now you have to kill enemies for XP or use unused skills in Skyrim and boy that takes forever.

This Week's Polls

Ever had a conversation with someone, and suddenly felt that you were not talking about the same thing, even though at first you totally thought you were?

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Should "Unique Weapons" look the same as their "normal" counterparts, or should they also have a different model?

The poll was created at 13:01 on February 10, 2017, and so far 48 people voted.
Did you ever support Sierra Petrovita's addiction?

The poll was created at 13:01 on February 10, 2017, and so far 42 people voted.

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