I never got around to naming the dog. Its been 6 years and she doesn't have any more of a name than "dog" or "the dog." Not that I'm the only one; dad calls her "dog" and "the dog" as well. Mom sometimes does, but mostly she calls her Trotsky (don't ask why). I named the cats when they were kittens, and I've named a nice cat that came from somewhere and now hangs around here, but I've had the dog longer than anyone and we've never called her anything than what she is. Maybe I should feel bad about it, but I don't. Mostly I laugh at the fact that all we do is call her "dog." Not that she had a great name before; she was the neighbor's dog, and as it is a long-standing Southern tradition to have two first names, the dog was named "Precious Devianna" which I think is about as dumb as a name you can get. "Dog," in all its nameless glory, is at least better than that.

This Week's Trivia

Those of you familiar with the United States Declaration of Independence might remember that the first and biggest name at the bottom is John Hancock's. There are two reasons for this: He was the only one to actually sign on July 4th (everyone else signed later), and he signed it extra big so (direct quote) "His Majesty can now read my name without spectacles, and double his reward of 500 pounds on my head. That is my defiance."

Last Week's Polls

How do you like cold weather?

  • Third was just plain cold, with no extras. No snow to get your clothes even colder, no wind to make you shiver with wind chill, and no rain to make you wet and miserable.
  • Second was cold and sunny. At least you can stand there like a living solar panel and soak up the warmth. I see animals do this all the time in the winter.
  • And first was cold and snowy. Blegh. I've had cold and snowy about 5 times or so, and while its fun, it reminds me of the blasted newscasters here and how they always want snow around Christmas time. Morons.

Do you like games that make you REALLY multitask?

  • Third was that you hate that. You can only multitask so much until you feel like sending the game disk into orbit.
  • Second was yeah! Ugh. I like to call games like that "Frustration Central."
  • And first was only if it was infrequent. You would not like Warcraft 3.... Early missions were easy enough, but the difficulty ramped up too quickly. You were expected to learn the hot keys for three heros and your three bases and three armies and you have three enemy bases attacking you at each base. I quit!

What if caps were no longer the currency in a future Fallout game?

  • Third was whatever replaces them had better be good. Bullets? Actual gold and silver coins? Deathclaw fingernails? Deathclaws are hard to kill, so I vote for that as currency.
  • Second was that you don't care. They should have at least made it so that the caps had the edge flattened. You'd be able to carry more, realistically. Instead, they are as they come off the bottle.
  • And first is noooo!!! I still want to counterfeit caps. Just like I want to counterfeit gold coins in Skyrim. I think you should be able to. Why not?

This Week's Polls

Ever named a pet an odd name?

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Ever felt a certain plot for something was "overly complicated"? (Modified from WhoeverReadThis' idea)

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Why were cats unchanged by radiation? (from WhoeverReadThis)

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