I think that when people want you to tell the truth (do I look big in these pants, etc.), they just want you to tell a white lie, because I've gotten thrown in the "dog house" more times than I can remember because mom or dad asked me to "tell the truth" about something, I told them the truth on what I really thought, and next moment they hated me. I can remember quite a few incidents with mom's cooking about where she asked me to "tell the truth" on what it tasted like, and I said that it tasted bad or too much spices or whatever, and she gave me the silent treatment for a week or more. If you didn't want the truth, you should have just said so!

This Week's Trivia

French explorer Jean Nicolet was so certain that the waterway of the Great Lakes would lead to China that when he arrived in Green Bay in Lake Michigan in 1634, he was wearing a robe of Chinese silk.

He was greeted by members of the Native American of the Winnebago tribe.

Last Week's Polls

Do you decorate for Halloween?

  • Third was that you could actually do that? I know you picked that for a joke.
  • Second was a tie between only if you're into it and that you never get around to it. Man, you should see my list of things I never get around to!
  • And first was that you don't, because it makes your yard/house look terrible. If you live in a stuffy neighborhood, you can always do it to irk your higher-than-thou neighbors. Me? No neighbors like that, but I think the cleanup would be not worth it.

Have you ever gone Trick-or-Treating?

  • Third was that it was okay. Mine was in this category. It was "eh."
  • Second was nope! Easier to just buy bags of candy at a store and eat them yourself, then you don't have to worry about people stealing from your bag or not getting nearly as much as the kids you went out with, like I did.
  • And first was that you loved it. At least you had fun, and the good memories to go along with it. I know I didn't.

Do you dress up in a costume for the holiday?

  • Third was comment! Some of the comments refered to that you live in a different country that you don't celebrate Halloween. To each his/her own.
  • Second was only if you've got something really good planned. I have had a wonderful costume I dress up as each year for the past 14 years: Myself.
  • And first was never! Better for you when others don't laugh at your costume (when it wasn't meant to be funny) or potential waste of money that could be used for something else (like a candy binge).

Do you watch/read "scary" stuff on Halloween?

  • Third was that you sure do! Does it scare you? I have yet to watch a movie or read a book that genuinely scared me.
  • Second was that you're not into that seasonal stuff. Walmart is ashamed of you. It put out all those "scary" movies just so you would buy them!
  • And first was that you only do it if you feel like it. Don't give in the the seasonal mill! They'll have you buying everything to have that stupid motto "Bigger and better" come true! Which it never does.

This Week's Polls

Ever told someone the "truth" they asked for, and they got angry at you?

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Have you ever ran away from a tough enemy?

The poll was created at 11:42 on November 4, 2016, and so far 46 people voted.
What kind of easter egg is your favorite?(from WhoeverReadThis)

The poll was created at 11:42 on November 4, 2016, and so far 42 people voted.

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