When I play video games, especially the immersive ones, I find myself tuning out everything else. I mean everything. I don't hear anything else, and I don't see anything else. Hell, I don't even see the TV and I don't feel myself using controls. I feel like I'm right there. I suppose that's a good thing, right? They're so immersive that you aren't aware of anything in the real world? Though, in hindsight, some of that immersion could be a bad thing: there could be a fire or something or someone crying for help and you didn't notice because your mind was "somewhere else." I've been in the "hot seat" a few times because of this because mom or dad wanted to ask me a question and I didn't notice until they were literaly screaming for me. They then yell, "Turn down the volume!" but I say to myself that I was just...somewhere else. Happens with music, too. I can be listening and be "elsewhere" and it'll take a few tries to get my attention. Books, as well. Many things, actually. Beading, crocheting, coloring or drawing, too.

This Week's Trivia

It used to be a practice long ago to use "Poor Man's Fertilizer," which was what the old timers called the first snow of the season. It did something to the air - washed something out of it - and when the snow fell on the fields, they plowed it in and it acted like fertilizer.

Last Week's Polls

Do you wear/like jeans with holes in them?

  • Third was just the ones you made. Bad part is that holes can come with bad memories, too.
  • Second was that you don't even wear jeans in the first place. I haven't worn a pair for over a decade. I've worn other pants in various types of cloth, but not jeans again.
  • And first was that you hate jeans with holes. There's just something...ragged about holes in pants. I never wanted to look that way, so I was repelled, even in the days of me wanting to look like everyone else.

Ever taunted an enemy, just for the hell of it? (i.e., throwing grenades into a corner, shooting a silenced weapon at a spot at the wall to alert enemies, and then just hide and listen to them)

  • Third was all the time. Me: Sublty alerts enemy whilst remining hidden. Hostile Thalmor agent: Looks around, then: "Hmm. Must've scared them off." Me: Shoots arrow/spell into corner. Thalmor agent: "What was that?!" (searches fruitlessly) "I guess I was just hearing things..." Me: Shoots another projectile. And on and on...
  • Second was that you just kill them. Where's the fun in that when you can't taunt them first?
  • And first was once or twice, just to see how many enemies were there. Did that a few times, then groaned to myself when every enemy in the place appeared to check out the sound.

When (or if) a follower dies, do you reload the most recent save from when they were alive, or do you just continue on without them?

  • Third was Other! If I didn't have a use for this option, I'd kick it to oblivion. I'm tired of seeing it regularily voted for.
  • Second was reloading the closest save from when they were alive. In hard areas, those saves get "well worn," if you catch my drift. My never-completed-because-I-deleted-it hardcore playthrough had a few of these because Arcade decided he'd be a shitty shot in hardcore when in casual he was a decent shot and the enemies rushed him and he died.
  • And first was reloading any save, no matter how far back it was! I think my longest was when my Skyrim follower died in a Dwemer ruin and the only save was one from two hours ago. Every container I checked when I reloaded had bad loot when before it was great loot. Taught me one thing: Don't just save often. Save very often.

This Week's Polls

Ever gotten "lost" in something you loved doing, so people had a hard time getting through to you?

The poll was created at 11:54 on October 14, 2016, and so far 47 people voted.
(Disregarding the unreleased movie) Do you think Vault-Tec caused the Great War? (Modified from WhoeverReadThis' idea)

The poll was created at 11:54 on October 14, 2016, and so far 51 people voted.
What newer Fallout game had the best content WITHOUT downloadable content?

The poll was created at 11:54 on October 14, 2016, and so far 53 people voted.

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