It was 52 degrees last night. While I am grateful for the temperature decrease, I wish I had put a blanket on the bed before I went to sleep. I shivered all through the night. It was also one of those things where something from the real world invades your dream state, and in my dreams I was cold and hugging myself, even though in the dreams the sun was shining brightly. Ever had that happen to you?

This Week's Trivia

We all know about the Vikings. They were some of the most savage raiders (I have stories, but I will not tell), and had some of the worst burial practices (not telling here, either), and killing techniques not fit to describe. However, you could be the most savage, brutal Viking, but you were not considered a man unless you could...wait for it...grow a successful crop of barley. No kidding. I saw this on a travel program yesterday.

Last Week's Polls

How often do you die in the first playthrough of a (violence-based) game?

  • Third was once or twice. The first time I died in Fallout 3 was when I realised that fire ants would follow you to ends of the earth, just like Bryan Wilks' dad said!
  • Second was too many times. I died in F.E.A.R. 3 way too many times before I finally figured out there were no medical supplies. An uncomforatble fact I don't like to think about.
  • And first was a few times. A few times is a lot better than too many times, which was when I tried F.E.A.R. on "extreme" difficulty. I threw in the towel and I hadn't even made it through one level!

If you had knowledge that the Great War was going to happen soon, how would you "preserve" yourself?

  • Third was "other." A mix of being in "the ass middle of nowhere" as someone once put it (no bombs to get you then), and a few other ideas. If you're a man and you hide out in the middle of nowhere, prepare for the "survivor's beard" type of facial hair.
  • Second was making yourself into a cyborg. Bad part about that option is that eventually you'll need "donors" for parts that decay in the future, like Rex.
  • And first was transfering your memories to an android. Harkness, here we come!

How do you like vaults? (Modified from WhoeverReadThis' idea)

  • Third was somewhat peaceful. I think in New Vegas the most "peaceful" you'll get is Vault 3 (provided wearing Great Khan armor) At least you only have to deal with insults. Provided you don't take off the disguise. Then, you're in for a world of hurt.
  • Second was weird. All aboard the Brahmin train to Vault 106, where you can talk to yourself via terminal entries!
  • And first was spooky. Vault 22 accomplished this. I'd say it was due to the plant life that obscured nearly everything, to the great mood-setting backround music. I always turn up the volume on high when I 'm in there.

This Week's Polls

Ever had "real life" events (for example: too hot, uncomfortable bed) invade your dreams somehow?

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Ever rushed through a quest?

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Say someone walking in front of you dropped their purse of caps and didn't notice what had just happened. Would you...

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That's all, folks!