I can say with some glee that I finished The Evil Within a few days ago. I can also say (with some glee) that when the game tallied my statistics I had only died 42 times. I thought that was pretty good for a first time player of a game that said I was gonna die many times. At least I was better off than one of those game reviewers; she said she died 247 times. Granted, the times I died were...unfortunate. It always seemed to be juuust before a checkpoint, forcing you to reload the last checkpoint, which meant another 10 minutes of sneaking around enemies and trying to get the same sneak-kills you did before you died.

This Week's Trivia

Ever notice that owls don't move their eyes? Its because they have fixed eyes, so that's why they can move their heads around almost 360 degrees; their eyes can't rotate in the sockets.

Last Weeks' Polls

Ever found yourself trying to perform actions from one game (trying to enter V.A.T.S., looking for items that don't exist, etc.) in another by accident?

  • Third was never. Dirty liar...
  • Second was once or twice. Controls for climbing ladders in F.E.A.R. 2 is slightly different than those in F.E.A.R. 3. I found myself mashing the wrong buttons when trying to run from enemies. Damn!
  • And first was all the time. Even though I've been playing more New Vegas than Evil Within lately, I still find myself time to time trying to use inventory buttons from that game in New Vegas. I also found myself trying to smash boxes, like you do in Evil Within. Damn!

What sort of "view" do you prefer in games?

  • Third was first person. I like the first person where when you look down you can see your legs and feet. Looking down and seeing none of that is just...strange.
  • Second was adjustable. You know that in Fallout 3 you can adjust the camera so that its almost a "top down" kind of view?
  • And first was all! I find myself playing in more third person lately (where applicable), likely because I've played more male characters, and I want to see them! =P

How much money in a game (that you can have money) do you usually have?

  • Third was that you never pay attention. I hope you aren't as lax with your real money.
  • Second was middling. I can say that half of games where I can have money I stay in "middling" for half the game. I suppose there would be no challenge of buying supplies if there would be too much money to be had...
  • And first was too much to count. Could you share? I need 2,000 caps to get me into the Strip. I spent all that I had on ammo and clothing.

This Week's Polls

How often do you die in the first playthrough of a (violence-based) game?

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If you had knowledge that the Great War was going to happen soon, how would you "preserve" yourself?

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How do you like vaults? (Modified from WhoeverReadThis' idea)

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