I think some movies swear too much. Or, to be more direct, too much of the "F" word. Its OK if you got shot in the arm or really stubbed your toe on that chair leg, but for ordinary things? Bah. Use something else. Some movies have it worse than others, like fvck is every other word: "Dude, I fvckin' got a discount on my fvckin' cigarettes! I couldn't fvckin' believe it!" Come on. You use it that much, it loses any status it used to have, and becomes just something vulgar. Some of my neighbors are like that, too. God! Knock it off already! I'm not afraid to use swear words myself, but I think you should use them when they are appropriate, not just as an ordinary word.

This Week's Trivia

Tossing salt on a fire can turn the flames different colors. I'm not kidding, I've tried it. I've even seen special salt packets (with certain dyes added for more effects) for sale that you could add to your fire in the fireplace. Certain highly colored papers can also alter the natural colors of flames. Try it with a newspaper ad section.

Last Week's Polls

Ever said some garbled word or sentence when you didn't mean to?

  • Third was only once or twice. Said one or two times could be worse, like if you said something...wrong...during a job interview.
  • Sekond waz not noing wat eye waz tahking abowt. That was a joke option, you know.
  • And first was all the time. Sad, isn't it? Though it can become quite funny just watching the strange looks on other people's faces when one pops out of your mouth.

Ever thought developers favored some companions over others?

  • Third was not meeting any companions. I'm finding that hard to buy. Companions seem to be everywhere.
  • Second was maybe. It seemed like there were more options for Arcade than there were for Lily. In fact, I know there were.
  • And first was totally! Because it totally seemed like the devs loved Rose of Sharon Cassidy. She got two endings, while everyone else (barring Rex if you have Old World Blues) got only one. Cheater! Not fair!

Would you want in a future Fallout game that there would be real effects from dangers in the environment (being exposed to too much rads makes you a ghoul, exposed to FEV makes you a mutant, etc.)?

  • Third was that you'd hate it. I hate the wild animals in Skyrim. They give you viruses and diseases all the time.
  • Second was that you would love it because it would make the game more realistic. I can already imagine the pages created on the wiki about how to contract ghoulism or FEV the fastest. No kidding: if the next game has it, you can bet your life savings that there will be cheats and pages like that.
  • And first was only if there would be perks or whatnot to resist it. Bad part about turning into a supermutant, accidentaly or otherwise, was that your clothes and armor would no longer fit. Being a ghoul would be the better way to go, though the sneers and jeering for both "races" would likely get upsetting after a while.

This Week's Polls

Ever thought some books/movies/TV shows/video games (even neighbors) swore too much?

The poll was created at 11:53 on August 5, 2016, and so far 66 people voted.
What if there was a hardcore mode where, if you died, you were PERMANENTLY dead, as in the game deleted your character, instead of just sending you to the game menu?

The poll was created at 11:58 on August 5, 2016, and so far 67 people voted.
Ever had a "character build" that you went to over and over?

The poll was created at 11:53 on August 5, 2016, and so far 67 people voted.

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