Ever hated (or merely disliked, for a less strong word) your local newscasters?

I do. I have for a long time.

They make the stupidest jokes, especially the weatherman in the morning, and the jokes he makes about summer are the worst. Hey, maybe you haven't noticed, man, but I'm suffering here with 80-degree temperatures at 6 in the morning, which tells me we're going for another hot day, and all you can do is make jokes about sunscreen and laugh like you're a stand-in for Santa Claus!

I know that the producers no doubt tell them to be "jolly," but I think they take it to extremes, laughing about stuff that shouldn't be laughed at, like how cold its gonna be in the winter, or what blistering temps there will be in the summer.

This Week's Trivia

A few years ago, I read about a guy who patented a snake leash. I kid you not. How the hell would the snake not get free? Why would you be taking your pet snake for a walk, anyway? What snake would want to go for a walk?

Last Week's Results

Do you think these studies have any "real" benefit?

  • Third was sort of. You get what you can get when you can, if its from a study about how your pet drinks to the study of ancient Native American shit. Still really dubious to me, though.
  • Second was none at all. 'Cause what benefit is there in knowing why shower curtains fly inward? What great mystery of the world is this gonna solve? None!
  • And first was me no care, as long as they pay for it. Better they waste their money, rather than me, who can put it to greater use.

What's the dumbest "scientific study" that you've read about? (open poll)

  • We had a little bit of every type of insanity here, from if hugging your dog too much makes them sad (yeah, right!), to how many lies Pinocchio could tell before he became too heavy on one side and busted his neck (seriously?!), and if predators can be made vegan. Scientists need to get out and smell the sanity!

Do you think that for of-dubious-value studies, the scientists should pay out of their own pockets?

  • Third was that all this stuff is useful. If you get these kinds of newsletters, then its only good for kindling for your wood stove.
  • Second was half and half. If you don't have a wood stove, then you can't use it for kindling, but you can laugh at the absurdity and then use it to line your drawers or parrot cage.
  • And first was stop wasting everyone's money already! Unfortunately, unless you can somehow stop the politicians, you'll never stop useless "scientific studies," because these kinds of things are always rolled into bills and such, and they normally run into 500 to 1000 pages. Who can read all that stuff? No one can, so they know dumb junk that's in there will pass, and the scientists will get their money.

This Week's Polls

Ever didn't like your local news network?

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What's your favorite house in Fallout: New Vegas (not including add-ons)?

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If there was a Super Mutant prostitute, would know...?

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That's all, folks!

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