I've lost count of the "celebrity" (note quotation marks) TV shows (i.e., Dancing with the Stars), books, what have you that I've seen advertised and thought "Hey, I've never seen or heard of most of you before." Once in a blue moon do I see someone and think, "Oh, I think I've seen you before," but most of the time its anything but. How are they celebrities? Did they have a role as a pedestrian for 3 seconds in a movie and now they're suddenly "celebrities" and go on shows and get their own book deals and such?

This Week's Trivia

Did you know that cats sleep for 70% of their lifetime?

Boy, do I believe that one. If you have cats, that's one of those facts that you don't dispute.

Last Week's Results

So, ever seen a recipe that was disgusting to you?

  • Third was not paying attention to what you're eating. That's a good way to get fat. Or eat something nature did not design for humans to eat. ... Or did you pick that for a joke?
  • Second was all the time. I think chocolate-covered bacon is stupid. Granted, I'll never eat it (I'm a vegetarian), but coating something salty with something sweet never appealed to me.
  • And first was a few recipes. Remember me talking about Walendorf salad? Its fruit jello with raw vegetables inside, then salad dressing is coating the jello, then that is topped with marshmellows. Agh! Thanks God I've only heard of it through old recipe books and mom's memories (she wasn't a fan, either).

Should there be a level cap in the next game (aka, a future game)?

  • Third was no cap! But wouldn't you run out of perks to pick after a while?
  • Second was yeah, because you get too powerful after a while. If you have to go up against Ancient Dragons in Skyrim, you can never be powerful enough.
  • And first was NO WAY! Yeah, but although you may be more powerful, it takes forever to level up again to get more perks. Downside.

What if you could have cooked all recipes in New Vegas without having to worry about the Survival requirement?

  • Third was only with the more usefull foods/chems. The Gecko Kabob needed 60 skill to make, yet the Gecko Steak needed only 30 and the Steak was alot more useful for healing than the Kabob. With less ingredients needed, too!
  • Second was never using that feature. True enough. You can buy most of the stuff ready-made from vendors, so why bother?
  • And first was how could that be realistic? Its realistic that you can get the recipe from that lady in Sloan and know how to cook it right then and there and not get the stupid 75 skill to make the damn thing. That's realistic!

This Week's Polls

Ever seen something "celebrity" and thought "I don't know half of those people"?

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Should Bobbleheads appear in another Fallout game?

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Do you think that there is too much "crafting" in the newer Fallout games?

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