I've been having a dilemma, and I'd like your help with it, if possible.

I live next to some neighbors that have ... shall we say ... "vocal problems." Its not that they can't talk, but rather the opposite. They yell at the top of their lungs all of the time, big gutural roars, and talking as loud as possible when not yelling. Is this normal behaviour for young men? They're my age (26), and they roar and yell like they're being murdered. I've never done this, so I have to ask you guys in my audience, "Is this normal? Or are they just drunk?"

This Week's Trivia

You know that the American penny actually has almost no copper? It used to have more, but over the years they left out more and more of the mineral to the point that now it is mostly zinc and aluminum.

Last Week's Polls

Do you think that there are seasons of the year that pass by too quickly?

  • Third was not noticing. Hey, do you have your head stuck in your cell phone? On Facebook or Twitter too much? Get outiside and notice the seasons already!
  • Second was a tie between "only with my favorites" and "they seem equal to me." Fall seems to pass too fast. I want it to stay around longer. As for the other result, life has more things in store, right? However, your should still pause and look out a wiindow or take a walk once in a while.
  • And first was always! So its not just me who thinks that God stuck the "life remote" on fast-forward, then.

NCR soldiers often comment about the Mojave being so hot that "It almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter," yet they still stand around burning barels and warm their hands over them. Is it just me, or is this really wierd?

  • Third was that its just an animation already! Yeah, but they should pay more attention to what animations they stick in their games to make it more believable!
  • Second was that it is just me. Okay, is it just me, or does this sound awfully similar to the third place?
  • And first was that is actually really weird. Obsidian shoudl have put more thought into that animation before they used it. It jsut doesn't make sense to complain about the heat and then warm your hands over a fire!

Have you ever thought a quest in a Fallout game was lousy?

  • For third we have three entries:"No!", "Sorta," and "Its a Fallout game! Nothing's lousy in a Fallout game!" Maybe, but popular opinion goes against you.
  • Second was maybe just a few. "Quick! Go upgrade those radio towers and then get nothing in return but a waste of time!!"
  • And first was "Yes!" Mostly it was radiant quests. I know what you mean. "The Dark Brotherhood Forever" is like that. Oy! Talk to Night Mother. Talk to payer. Kill target. Quest starts again. Boy, does that get repetitive!

This Week's Polls

So, what is it? Are they drunk, or is this "normal young man behaviour"?

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Are the games on the Pip-boy as good as you thought they'd be before Fallout 4 was released?

The poll was created at 11:46 on March 25, 2016, and so far 122 people voted.
Have you ever thought that the "Easter Egg" was better than the thing that it referenced?

The poll was created at 11:46 on March 25, 2016, and so far 103 people voted.

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