I think Spring seems too short, you know? It always seems to me that Spring doesn't last quite as long as it should, and that Summer lasts way too long. Though maybe that's just because you suffer more in the Summer because its hot, and that Spring is (for the most part) is of a nice temperature like Fall, so it seems to pass by quicker. Right? I mean, when has it ever seemed like the painful moments passed by too quick? Unless you're masochistic, where you love pain and suffering on yourself, nobody likes pain, so that's no doubt why nice-temperature seasons seem to pass by too quickly, and that they should stay around longer.

This Week's Trivia

Know where the word "fiasco" came from? Its actually an Itallian word for a small glass flask. How it came to mean what it means now is beyond me, though.

Last Week's Results

Ever insist that you've done something, and your parents (or boss, etc.) swears you didn't, but you know otherwise?

  • Third was all the time. Dad says over and over that I don't wash the dishes properly, and that there's stuff in the nooks and crannies, though I wash them twice, and they were perfectly clean when I put them in the drainer. I could tell him that he leaves stuff on his plates when he washes them, but he wouldn't beleive me, so I let him eat off his own dirty plates and cups.
  • Second was not remembering. Are you the same people who always pick this option? I think you should go to a brain specialist, you're forgeting too much stuff. You need help.
  • And first was sometimes. Better than all the time!

Would you like the option to have "Low Intelligence" characters in future Fallout games?

  • Third was a tie between Other and that you wouldn't want it to appear again, because you're worried that it'd make you look like a moron. There were quite a few times I didn't make a character like that, though I knew it would be funny, because I also knew it would make me into said moron. Maybe I'll get over that stigma someday.
  • Second was not caring. You know that you could make a Low Intelligence character in Fallout 3, but there weren't that many references to your intellect?
  • And first was Yes! It was soo funny! I love funny stuff, don't you? Maybe after I complete my Hardcore playthrough, I'll do a Low Intelligence character just for the laughs.

Should followers have morals, or should they let you do whatever you want?

  • Third was let me do whatever I please! Blow up an entire town? Enslave the inhabitants of another? No bother! They'll still be by your side! Don't count on me to be there, though.
  • Second was stopping me if I was doing something wrong. They'd no doubt hate me for all the grenades I threw at that annoying Bryan Wilks. What an annoying kid. I couldn't even explore that section without him running up and talking to me in that annoying voice.
  • And first was only certain followers should have this trait. I'm gonna see a little bit of Arcade Gannon in each of those followers. Assuming they're good followers in the first place.

This Week's Polls

Do you think that there are seasons of the year that pass by too quickly?

The poll was created at 11:42 on March 18, 2016, and so far 94 people voted.
NCR soldiers often comment about the Mojave being so hot that "It almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter," yet they still stand around burning barels and warm their hands over them. Is it just me, or is this really wierd?

The poll was created at 11:42 on March 18, 2016, and so far 106 people voted.
Have you ever thought a quest in a Fallout game was lousy?

The poll was created at 11:42 on March 18, 2016, and so far 105 people voted.

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