Monday I was in asphalt hell. I wish I was kidding here, I really do. I stood on the pavement outside the Walmart Auto Center waiting for three hours for them to get done with an oil change and rotating the tires. Just some fat walruses wadling around in there for two and a half hours before a crack team of young guys showed up for work and finally got things going. Why didn't I just go in, you might say? I had a shopping cart full of (dry goods, thankfully!) groceries that I couldn't leave, and mom was checking up on dad inside the store, so I couldn't just walk around the parking lot near the Auto Center, either. Worse, there were other people there who were complaining about the shoddy timeline, they had been waiting two or three hours as well, waiting for the fat walruses to move a little faster. Finally, (must've been getting up the line that there were angry customers) the manager for the section showed up and everyone (aside from meself, I was outside) gave him an earful about the craptacular service. He nodded and said he understood and gave dad a $10 gift card after the truck finally got done. I waited out there from nine to twelve o'clock! I can tell you, either we are taking the car next time (so we can at least leave the store), or going to a different auto place altogether. Have you ever experienced bad worksmanship like this?

This Week's Trivia

The heaviest tank ever built weighed 180 tons and stood about 20 feet tall, and its armor at the front was 12 inches thick. What was the name of this behemoth? Its code name was...drumroll, please...the Mouse! No joke! It was part of a top secret project during WWII because Hitler knew he couldn't face against the Russian tanks, so he wanted to build a "land batleship." To build it, he approached Dr. Porche (he designed the Volkswagen Beetle car) to build a tank that was impervious to everything.

In order to move the bulk, it had a 1,500 horsepower diesel engine (!!) to drive the electric motor and that motor fed power to the two electric motors on the thing's giant caterpillar tracks. With each of its hatches closed, the Mouse was air and watertight, and so it could cross the bottom of a river that was 40 feet deep, but with its motors shut off and being powered by cable from another tank on the other side of the river.

In the end, its collosal size was the end of it. Its top speed was only 12 miles per hour, and when it was driven along a road as a test, the vibrations from the motors and tracks cracked building foundations, smashed cobblestones on the road, and shattered windows in all the towns and villages it passed through. Also, the pressure from the tracks (remember, it was 180 tons, and a ton in itself is 2,000 pounds) caused it to sink in anything but the driest dirt. So the project was scrapped.

Last Week's Results

What would you do for money? Would there be a place where you'd say "Nope, sorry."?

  • Third place was a tie between anything for more cash and having to think on it. First: I'd ask, "So if I told you to swallow a gallon of bleach for 40 bucks, you'd do it? You need more self control!" and for second: If its something dumb, like eating are-they-eatable-or-not-eatable-mushrooms, I'd just walk away.
  • Second was depending on how much was offered. Even if someone offered me 1,000 buck to have the dog (mom's dog) sit on my lap, I'd say no. She stinks and she's always dirty, and I'd never do it. No matter how much was offered!
  • And first was that there's a stopping point! Good for you! ... Though I'm gonna hope that there's a good point at where you'll stop, like no prostitution and the like.
  • And, for an honorable mention, we have two votes for bumming off everyone else. I just hope you are a creative as Shubert was.

MacReady grew up! Is he still an asshole?

  • Third was another tie, this between "maybe a little" and "who's MacReady?" First, I guess you could call that "jerk syndrome" instead of full-blown "asshole syndrome." And for the other, best you don't know. Characters like that can cause "in-game rage" (aka, like road rage).
  • Second was sure is! Good to know that I was right all along! I knew when I met him in Fallout 3 that he'd be an asshole when he grew up, and I was totally right! Some part of me wishes that it could have been opposite, though.
  • And first was that he was OK. Okay, so either you have a major crush on him to that you overlook his bad side (its happened to me with various characters before), or you've got "jerk syndrome" yourself!

Have you ever looked at the dialogue pages of the characters in the Fallout series and thought "Hey, I've met the requirements for some of those quotes, but never heard them!"?

  • Third was only a few. Did you know that when Three Dog talks about Agatha getting her violin back, I only heard half of the paragraph? Only when I looked here did I find out I was missing something! Darn!
  • Second was not knowing that these pages existed. Sure they do. Just look up a character (not for Fallout 4 yet, I think), and on the bottom of the infobox (the one with actor, ID, etc.) there should be a link to the dialogue page. I spent a long time laughing at the dialogue from Caesar that I never heard.
  • And first was all the time! Good to know that I'm not the only one. Maybe there are missing codes that let you hear that stuff. Bethesda (and Obsidian) should have fixed that.

This Week's Polls

Have you ever dealt with very shoddy employees and customer service while you were having something done?

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Do you use mods?

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How much do you pay for new video games when you get them?

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