I was thinking recently about some of the commercials I've seen with celebrities. Granted, you'll always have the ones where you have ladies advertising makeup or beauty products, but then there was two that were better than others. On different sides of the sectrum, however. There was a cool one that aired during a mountain biking tournament held by (a "duh" moment) Red Bull where Arnold Schwarzenegger was walking around with his smart phone and army men were emerging from the phone and walking all over the place. It was for a smart phone game, obviously. Then, there was last year, on that bad side of the commercial spectrum, was one with David Arquette wearing a tux and prending he's having a good time at a "party" and smoking a electric cigarette. I don't know about you, but I would consider that a low point in my career. In big movies and then you're doing adverts for electric cigarettes. I know he's done (or doing) more movies, but still, how low does one have to go for money?

This Week's Trivia

Do you know what "fard" is? It's not something gross, I swear!

"Fard" is actually a very old French word for cosmetics, though it was mostly out of use by the 1920's, where I read about it.

Last Week's Results

What do you think of purposeful misspellings on products?

  • Third was kollorful and kool! Head trip!
  • Second was korny! Then you laugh because the name sounds so weird and everyone around you is looking at you because you're laughing in the middle of nowhere and they think that there's nothing around to laugh at. And then you laugh at the perplexed looks on thier faces. Don't judge. Its happened to me more than once!
  • And first was not karing! You should! They're good for a laugh!

What's the weirdest titled "off-brand" product you've seen? (open poll)

  • There was a few entries, like Dr. Thunder (weird, but also kind of cool), Cock Flour with no rooster on the label (maybe it was a family name?), and Mountain Yeller (my own entry).

[tink] Oh, no! Your last lockpick broke, and you REALLY want to get into that box. You...

  • Third was "Other." 'Twas exploding it with dynamite (overkill, anyone?), kicking it (wear steel-toed boots) and explanations similar to options I already had.
  • Second was prying it open with a crowbar and hammer. What would you do if the crowbar snapped in half? Hmmm...
  • And first was shooting at the sucker! Just don't go overkill and shoot too many times and you might go through the box and wreck whatever was in there!

This Week's Polls

What would you do for money? Would there be a place where you'd say "Nope, sorry."?

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MacReady grew up! Is he still an asshole?

The poll was created at 12:56 on January 15, 2016, and so far 111 people voted.
Have you ever looked at the dialogue pages of the characters in the Fallout series and thought "Hey, I've met the requirements for some of those quotes, but never heard them!"?

The poll was created at 12:56 on January 15, 2016, and so far 106 people voted.

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