Its been quite rainy here the past few days, but hey, I'm not complaining. I love cloudy days, but them damn newscasters are always hoping for a "white Christmas" with snow, just like those damn songs go on about. He he! Now they got a wet Christmas instead! They're gonna get all wet in their party attire, and the gifts they bring to the parties will get soaked! The only thing that's sorta annoying is the humidity: the floor gets sticky and the laundry doesn't dry. What kind of weather do you like?

This Week's Trivia

There's been studies that prove that watching fish swim lowers your blood pressure and reduces stress. This is why some hospitals and doctor's offices put in aquariums. There have also been studies that petting your dog or cat has the same effect. I can't help but wonder that if you petted your cat while watchng your fish tank would double the effects?

Last Week's Results

Have you ever wanted to beat up/kill an annoying character?

  • Third was always doing it! My newer Skyrim characters tell Cicero to kill Heimskr and Nazeem. No more mindless yelling and no more mindless insults! Cicero was more than happy to do it, anyway.
  • Second was thinking about doing it, but not actually doing the deed. "I really want to kill that guy, but he's got a Balistic Fist, so I think I'm gonna pass..."
  • And first was Hell yeah! I'd lost count how many times I wanted to punch MacReady, Bryan Wilks, and Princess in the, wait. Scratch that! Punch Princess in the face, and kick the boys in the groin!
  • And, for an honorable mention, we have "There are no annoying characters!" with one vote. I admire your Zen approach to life.

Do you listen to classical music?

  • Third was thinking Elvis was Classical Music. True. The genres do have similar titles: However, Elvis is "The Classics," while Beethoven and such are in the "Classical" genre. Hope that cleared up any confusion.
  • Second was some of them. I hope that Mendelssohn's "Scottish" is a part of that!
  • And first was totally listening and loving it! Somehow, (though I do love other genres, don't get me wrong) classical music has more feeling in it than other songs.
  • And, for another honorable (or is it?) mention, there was one vote for "Blegh! I hate the stuff!" You're like my dad. I pop a CD of Classical music in the truck's CD player, and then its a constant fiddling with the volume knob. He turns it down to inaudible levels, while I turn it up. Never mind you that both me and mom love classical music. Eventually, I shout at him, and the volume stays at a nice level.

Should the Counterfeit Bottlecaps in the Counterfeiting Shack have been usable?

  • Third was "Heck no!" Why not? You'd pay someone with them and get free stuff! Who doesn't like free stuff?!
  • Second was "Hell yeah!" Me too. At least I would have been able to get free stuff!
  • And first was wanting to use the equipment to make even more! I totally wanted to do that! But you couldn't! Damn you, Obsidian!

This Week's Polls

Have you ever wanted to pick a perk, but never did it?

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What do you think of the new character creation system?

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What kind of weather do you like? (real life, not games)

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That's all, folks!

That's all for this week! If you have any ideas for me, leave them on my talk page!