The last remnants of hurricane Patricia fell on us Sunday and Monday, and I tell you, Monday was a bitch. Although we got the much needed rain (we were under a "moderate drought warning"), which was over five inches, the power went out quite a few times on Sunday night and then again on Monday. And then you sit there and think "Now what?" You can't read, you can't watch anything, and for whatever reason that I have yet to understand, you can't really fall back asleep when you realize that there's not any power. Monday daytime was okay, but in the evening the power went out and stayed out for over 6 hours. No joke! So in the end I sat there at the kitchen table with two kerosene lamps and read to mom and dad from a book with true ghost stories from 5 to 8 at night. Then I had trouble falling asleep, and when I was finally sleeping, dad comes in at 10 or so and tells me that the power's back on and to turn off the battery-powered candle I had been using as a night light, then at 1 in the morning I'm awakened by the dog having it out right under my window with a posum. And when I finally manage to fall back asleep the damn alarm goes off at 3:30. No rest! Argh!

This Week's Trivia

Here's something I though I'd share with you guys:

In 1883 Henry Ziegland, who lived in Honey Grove, Texas, screwed over his sweetheart, who then killed herself. The sweetheart's brother tried to avenge her, and shot Ziegland in the head. However, he aimed badly, and the bullet only grazed Ziegland's face. Thinking he'd killed him (must've been on account of the blood on Ziegland's face), the brother then killed himself. Then, in 1913, Ziegland was cutting down a tree on his property that just wasn't coming down. So he used dynamite. (dumb idea, but whatever) The explosion sent the old bullet (from the attempt on Ziegland's life) from the tree and into Ziegland's skull and killed him instantly.

Last Week's Results

What if there was a Fallout game set just before the Great War?

  • Third was a tie of "that would be cool!" and "if it was just before the war." I have alot set out what it could be!
  • Second was that it all depended on how far back it was set. I imagine that alot of the game could be set around government intrigues.
  • And first was no way, dude! You guys have no imagination! Just think of all the posibilities for the game!

What do you like most about creating a new character?

  • Third was choosing what they look like. I dunno about you, but only a few of the "preset" faces I actually liked. In the end I always end up doing a whole bunch of editing to make any of the other faces look good.
  • Second was making the SPECIAL and/or skills what I want them to be. Even though I picked 7 Strength for my Hardcore character and Doc Mitchell said I "could go Deathclaw huntiing with a switch," that Deathclaw I tried that (more or less) with a Deathclaw and he tore the crap out of me before I managed to hop in between a couple of rocks and punch away while he still got a couple swiings in. Doc Mitchell, you're a dirty liar!
  • And first was all of the above! Has anybody made a Non-combat-based character? I always intended to, to be really great at all the non-combat skills, but in the end I never went for it.

Would you want storage in the next game to be more real, such as you wouldn't be able to store something such as a rake inside of a mailbox?

  • Third was "I don't use containers! I carry it all with me!" I imagine you use alot of alcohol to carry all that stuff.
  • Second was "more realism!" I store all my collected armor in one cabinet in the Lucky 38. I mean, Even I, the Mistress of Hoarding in Real Life and in Games cannot make that happen with all of my pajamas in their closet! They all come tumbling out when I open the door, and then I have to shove them all back in again. I just need to face the fact that I need to go through them and give some away.
  • And first was "No! NOO!" Just hope they don't glitch and lose all your stuff. That happened with those "crafting lockers" that you can buy for the Lucky 38 suite, and I lost everything that I'd put in there. That happened once and I never tried it again. Now I store everything in the guest room closets.

This Week's Polls

In Fallout 4, should you be able to have a special dialogue option with androids to shut them down and/or make them explode? (from Santa Jaws)

The poll was created at 12:01 on October 30, 2015, and so far 113 people voted.
What do you think of the ability to make towns in Fallout 4?

The poll was created at 11:57 on October 30, 2015, and so far 116 people voted.
What do you think of being able to play games on the Pip-Boy in Fallout 4?

The poll was created at 11:57 on October 30, 2015, and so far 113 people voted.

That's all, folks!

That's all for this week. If you have any ideas for me, put them on my talk page!