How many of you guys have a cell phone? Quite a few, I'm sure. I remember when not so many people had cell phones, it was more or less for someone who had the money to spend on one. Now, though, some of the more basic models are so cheap ($50 cell, anyone?), so even kids have one. And everybody's always talking to someone. Or using apps or on the internet. Then, I've heard of people getting the jitters when there's no cell connection. With all this kind of commentary, you might think "Hey, you don't have a cell or smart phone, do you?" Actually, I do. But I hardly ever use it. Its more or less for emergencies, like when the phone line doesn't work or the electricity ain't working. Then, I go out with the cell and call the phone or electric company. But, other than mom and dad's occaisional visit to town without me (sometimes I don't feel like going, so they take the phone so they can call me at home), that's basically all the cell is used for.

This Week's Trivia

I was reading about Barber Fish the other day. Did you know that they sit in a crevase in brightly colored coral as a sort of advertisement? Fish also come from all over (sometimes very far away) the be cleaned by the Barber Fish, and wait patiently for their turn to be cleansed of dead scales, fungi, and parasites. Even sharks wait for a chance to be cleansed, and hold their mouth open (not chomping down at all) so the Barber Fish can clean the shark's teeth.

Last Week's Results

From my opening paragraph, you can see what age I am. So, out of my curiosity, I want to know: Are you older or younger than me?

  • Third was "None of yo' business!" You do realize that I was going to make credit cards in your name and spend like there was no tomorrow, right? Heh heh! Just kidding!
  • Second was "Older!" Trying to think of something witty...trying...nope! Can't do it!
  • And first was "Younger!" Just as long as you don't act like you're 15, you're cool.

Would you have liked to use the fight simulators in the Mess Hall at Nellis Air Force base in Fallout: New Vegas?

  • Third was having better things to do. Like what?
  • Second was only if there was an achievement for playing it. They shoulda had an award for that, rather than people wasting time (and money) on casino games for acheivements.
  • And first was HELL YES!!! When I first learned that the Boomers like to mooch from you while you barely get anything in return, and you can't even use the flight simulators, that's when I started to use the incendiary 50. bullet glitch! Revenge!

How do you think the "Legendary" creatures of the Mojave and the Big MT came to be?

  • Third was it was caused by getting older. God forbid I ever find a Legendary Lakelurk! The sonic waves were killers.
  • Second was that it was a unique mutation. Only the most hardy of scientists would want to go out and study that!
  • First was mad scientists were at fault. They should just keep their fingers outta the gene pie. Makes wandering the wastes much more dangerous.

This Week's Polls

Should a future Fallout game include some characters from Fallout 3?

The poll was created at 11:46 on September 25, 2015, and so far 131 people voted.
What if the non-cannon games were made cannon?

The poll was created at 11:46 on September 25, 2015, and so far 115 people voted.
Should there be more Legendary creatures in the next game?

The poll was created at 11:46 on September 25, 2015, and so far 117 people voted.

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