I wish I was one of those people who can think of a witty reply right away to something, but rarely do I, and when I do, its usually after the conversation and I end up saying said witty reply to myself, where it has no impact. I need to be faster on my (verbal) feet.

This Week's Trivia

Kleenex was originally invented and manufactured for use as gas mask filters during World War I.

Now that's quite a drift form what its used for nowadays, eh?

Last Week's Polls

Are you a restaurant goer?

  • Third place was does fast food count? I don't normally eat fast food, either. Yes, I'm a going-out-to-eat wet blanket.
  • Second was only to celebrate something. When I celebrate, I buy ice cream at a store then eat it right out of the the car. Yes, I'm a weird person.
  • And first was you do, and you love it. To each his or her own. Some restaurants are also too loud for my liking. The wet blanket strikes again!

"Tribals" in the Fallout series still have guns and relatively advanced weapons, like power fists. Do you think that they should have actual primitive weapons, like clubs or bows and arrows?

  • Third was a triple tie (hadn't had one of those in a while) of comment, you wanna make those weapons, and it all depends on the effectiveness. If they are as effective as the .32 pistol in Fallout 3, count me out.
  • Second was a double tie between that it was an advanced universe and they should have advanced weapons, and that they should have had clubs already. I mean, I wouldn't mind if those clubs were like the Rebar club, but I don't think every loinclothed "tribal" should have machine guns.
  • And first was less advanced weapons, and more primitive weapons. Was I the only one to notice that third place had a triple tie, second place had a double tie, and there was only one first place?

Did you ever collect all of the Mini Nukes in Fallout 3?

  • Third place was that it was too much trouble. There were times that I thought, "I barely use the thing. Why do I bother?" but the pack rat mentality would come over me again and I'd go on collecting them.
  • Second was that you prefer the missile launcher or grenades. There are more frag grenades around anyway. Way more than in New Vegas. At least you can't (most of the time) kill yourself with one grenade, like you can with a bad Fat Man shot.
  • And first was you only collected them to blow off some steam now and then. I nuked the wastelander who runs up and gives you a gift if you're Good Karma, then tells you if you try to talk to them "Get lost" or some other nasty reply quite a few times. I also let Paradise Falls have it a few times, and Super Mutant Behemoths, too. Otherwise, I generally used guns or grenades.

This Week's Polls

Ever couldn't come up with a good reply on the spot?

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Did you ever exploit bugs to get more than one companion?

The poll was created at 12:06 on July 14, 2017, and so far 42 people voted.
What difficulty do you normally play games on?

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That's all, folks!

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