Did your parents ever tell you any of those bullshit stories? What I mean by that is the classic "Your eyes will become square if you watch too much TV" or "You better go to sleep or your eyes will dry up like raisins." It seems like a common parenting gimmick.

This Week's Trivia

Ancient Greeks believed the toes showed if you were aristocratic or a common citizen. A longer big toe meant you were plebian, while if the toe next to it was longer (I don't remember the name of that toe) meant you were an aristocrat.

What if you had both toes the same length? What then?

Last Week's Polls

Where do fruitflies come from?

  • Third was you don't care. This was a joke poll, you know...
  • Second was they fly in unnoticed. Mosquitoes fly in too, and it makes me think everyone waits by the door like our house is a private club and as soon as the door opens and we go in or out, someone sneaks in that was not welcome.
  • And first was their eggs are on the fruit in the first place. I guess I should just be grateful that they don't bite. They do have the annoying tendency to fly across your vision (most commonly with books or screens) like E.T., though.

Should there be less hostile wildlife in the wasteland?

  • Third was hell yeah! Because damn am I tired of every bug in the perimeter going apeshit that I walked by.
  • Second was nah. You haven't walked around enough. Go walk around in the wastes some more and you'll change your mind.
  • And first was normally non-hostile beings should not be hostile after mutation. I liked that you could have plenty of Brahmin in Fallout 3 that were perfectly safe to be around, but the Brahmin in New Vegas bellowed in rage if they spotted you from 50 feet distant. Unrealistic. They didn't even have the name "Mad Brahmin" (like in Fallout 3) to alert you to imminent aggression.

Which game has the toughest Deathclaws?

  • Third was Fallout Shelter. Where armies of people can't fight Deathclaws. And in other games they expect you to, solo?
  • Second was a mixture. If you didn't know how to fight them in Fallout 3, they would be a nightmare. Sneak attacks with Lincoln's Repeater and a good Small Guns skill and V.A.T.S. headshot are a must.
  • And first was New Vegas'. Somehow I knew this would be the outcome, but it still doesn't make me feel any better. Even worse is that AP ammo does less damage than non armor piercing bullets. You have a perk that lets you go through lots of DT with unarmed attacks, but who wants to get that close when the average Deathclaw can kill you in 2-3 hits? Not me!

This Week's Polls

Did your parents ever give you a baloney reason not to do something (i.e., story above)?

The poll was created at 11:58 on June 23, 2017, and so far 33 people voted.
In Fallout 3, did you ever bother collecting all three schematics for custom weapons?

The poll was created at 11:58 on June 23, 2017, and so far 36 people voted.
Did you like how the Repair skill was tweaked from the way it was in Fallout 3 to the way it is in New Vegas?

The poll was created at 11:58 on June 23, 2017, and so far 35 people voted.

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