Over here in America (perhaps other places, too) its popular to say something luxurious is from Europe. "European Chocolate," "European Styling," "European Spa Towels," European what have you. So I got to thinking, over there in Europe, what do they put on the label of luxury goods? It can't be "European" because you're already in Europe. Can't be China, since so much stuff is made there. Dad says they like American-made stuff, like Harley Davidsons, but I have to ask you, potential over-seas readers, what country do they put on luxury labes?

This Week's Trivia

In going with foreign-themed Trivia, have you looked at a map of the world or globe lately? I was shocked to see that Europe, put all together, is about three-fourths (give or take) the size of mainland USA. France and Spain are the size of Texas. Great Britain is barely the size of California. The video travelogues mislead me. I thought the countries were bigger. No wonder a bunch of countries wanted land in the New World back in the day.

Last Week's Polls

Since 65% of Americans don't believe the "news," why do they continue to bother with their ramblings?

  • Third was Comment. Nothing like real-world politics to get people as irritated as in-game politics!
  • Second was because the reporters have to do what the media moguls say. I have strong opinions. I'd never make it as a reporter.
  • And first was because its a niche for Democrats. That's too big a niche.

How do you get your money in Fallout games?

  • Third was you find it out in the wilderness. There is enough laying around in abandoned shacks in the smack dab middle of nowhere that you could make some sort of a living, though you could never buy anything expensive.
  • Second was you do odd jobs. Fallout: Mercenary here you come.
  • And first was you collect stuff and sell it to make cash. Ah, but how much do you sell? Considering how many of you are pack-rats (like yours truly), how much can you make yourself part with?

Should have Gecko-backed leather armor in the Honest Hearts add-on for New Vegas have actually LOOKED like it was backed with Gecko leather?

  • Third was a triple tie between "Comment," you stay far away from Gekoes, and you can create that armor? You can, but I've never. I don't have add-ons.
  • Second was you don't bother with crafting much of anything. If crafting wasn't so addictive, I wouldn't spend so much of my time with it. Its actually sad that the baked goods are worth less than the ingredients to make it.
  • And first was totally! I don't know why they didn't bother. They bothered with so much else, but not giving a custom armor a new skin is...well, I guess that's why you have mods.

This Week's Polls

What country do they put on luxury labels where you live?

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Did you ever ruin Gallo's birthday?

The poll was created at 11:33 on June 9, 2017, and so far 25 people voted.
With some games-in-games, do you not know what to do, and just hit buttons, hoping for the best?

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