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  • Leea

    I hate the terms "poo," "poop," "pee," "peepee," and such. It drives me up the wall. The so-called "swearword" versions don't bother me at all, however. Somehow, I think the other versions should be swearwords, instead. Somehow they seem more offensive.

    There was once a French soft drink named Pshitt.

    No joke. I'm sure it was sounded out the same, too. Maybe it was named for the sound that the bottle makes when you open it, but its a bad name anyway.

    Do you think "big box" stores amplify kids' screams?

    • Second was it was annoying. And it is only one of the reasons I hardly go into Walmart anymore. The other is...
    • The first, which is all that you hear is the ads and music blaring over the sound system. After I got really sick a few years ago, being…

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  • Leea

    I'll let you guys in on a little theory of mine that I've had for quite some time now: I think the architects of "big box" stores make them that way to amplify the screams of little kids. No joke! You can hear a kid wailing all the way at the back or all the way in the front, depending on where you might be inside. But still, even if that theory is not the case, nothing amplifies kid screams and cries like Walmart or Home Depot.

    American president Calvin Coolidge used to hide in the White House shrubbery then jump out and scare unsuspecting Secret Service agents.

    He was lucky he never got shot or punched or kicked by accident.

    Ever been tired, but then wide awake when you settle into bed?

    • Third was no, you still feel tired. Sometimes I listen …

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  • Leea

    I hate it when I'm tired, I hop into bed, then, when I'm fully situated, I'm wide awake. It happens enough that its annoying, though not enough that it deprives me of serious sleep. Certainly happened last night, and I rolled around forever...though the full moon might also had a hand in my restlessness. What about you?

    Pour plain, straight water into your eyes, and it'll sting. However, pour water that has Boric Acid disolved into it in your eyes, and you won't feel a thing. Funny that it has the word acid in it, yet it doesn't burn. Boric Acid eyewashes are good for irritated or dirty eyes, by the way. I use it all the time, so I can verify its effectiveness.

    Do you get grossed out when looking at pictures of bodybuilders?

    • Third was sorta. Do…

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  • Leea

    I had flipped through a body builder's magazine a while ago in Walmart's magazine department, and was utterly shocked at how ugly those people have become. Those sorts of muscles are just gross. Bulges and bumps and straining blood vessels is just ugly, not anywhere near good looking. I mean, you can have a sort of "chart" for muscles:


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  • Leea

    I read a book the other day called "Pirate Cinema." It was pretty good, set in the future (though it never says when, exactly), but I had a problem with it. It was written by a British author, who lives in Britain, so the whole thing was full of British slang, which I had a hard time understanding.

    Once, (I wasn't told the year) police in Santa Fe, Argentina, assrested a man who boarded a city bus and drew a revolver, demanding to be driven to Cuba.


    Have you ever "flopped" in an attempt to totally get all achievements because you decided it wasn't worth the trouble?

    • Third was you get them all. Period. and comment. Some are literally "ungetable" by being almost too hard or chance or... I remember the one from F.E.A.R. where you had …

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