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  • Leea

    If I seem a little distracted and not as lighthearted this issue, its because I have a good reason. The other day, I was stalked by a creepy man who stood on the road and stared in the window that faces the road for an hour and a half, way into the dark after sunset. The house is quite a good amount of feet from the road (which is protected by a fence) and the yard is full of bushes, so his view wasn't crystal clear, but it was disconcerting nonetheless. He stood there silently, in the heat, mosquitoes, and cars speeding by him and he just looked in. Eventually he left (or we scared him off) because mom kept shining a spotlight into the trees where he was standing, and he puttered off on his motorcycle. Now, every sound in the night makes …

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  • Leea

    If I'm not heard from for a while, it'll be because this blasted storm knocked out the power. So, I while I hope that will not happen (I mean really), it could, so that explanation is there.

    This week's trivia is brought to you by: your humble dictionary.

    We all know what a pompadour is (hey Butch!), but I bet you didn't know that is also a name for a type of pink.

    Can you envision a pink version of the hairstyle? Hehehehe.

    Do you sleep heavily?

    • Third was that you're pretty light. So then I won't have to yell...WAKE UP!
    • Second was you think you're in between. How can you tell? Do people tell you, "hey, you're pretty easy to wake up"?
    • And first was you sleep like a log. StormRider is just as bad as me. I've slept through storms before and my parents t…

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  • Leea

    I have a hard time getting up in the morning. The alarm goes off, and I roll over and turn it off, then most of the time I end up going back to sleep until someone yells up the stairs to get the hell up already. What do they expect? I'm not like mom, where she's such a light sleeper where flipping papers can wake her up; I sleep like a log. Once I'm out, I'm out. Mom thinks that's a bad thing, but that's who I am! Not everyone is a light sleeper.

    In 1962, 46,000 Conneticut voters wrote in the name of Ted Kennedy for United States Senator, even though Kennedy was running in neighboring Massachusetts.

    Voter fraud!

    What do you love about the Fall season?

    • Third was a tie of the football games and comment. I hate football. Actually, I hate most spor…

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  • Leea

    Fall is finally here! Well, at any rate, the date on the calendar says its the beginning of fall, even though it won't feel like it (its gonna be 90 today). Still, it puts me in the mood. I love fall. Always have. The golden-tinged sunlight, the leaves in all manner of gold and orange and red, the cooler air (when it finally gets around to arriving, that is) and the gorgeous sunsets. Ahhhh...

    The Koutoubia, a holy tower in Marrakech, Morocco, is 800 years old, and yet a sweet scent lingers around it. This is because the sultan who built the tower ordered 960 bags of musk mixed with the mortar used to build it.

    Ever had a pet just disappear on you and never come back?

    • Third was you don't have pets. One way to avoid the lost-pet problem.
    • Second …

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  • Leea

    The dog up and left Monday. Or, rather, she disappeared without a trace. She was there early in the morning, then at 7 or so, she was gone. And I haven't seen her since. It was just plain odd.

    It was an old superstition in England that it was good luck to give a bride at her wedding a glass rolling pin.

    Me thinks that's a bad thing. What if it breaks? Then you'll have glass shards all over.

    Do you like coffee?

    • Third was you've never had coffee, and don't want to. I don't blame you.
    • Second was you hate it. I'll never have it again. I mean it.
    • And first was you do. I like the smell of coffee brewing, and the smell of coffee cake, but I hate the beverage itself. Yes, I'm weird.

    Did you ever learn all of the Unarmed special moves in Fallout: New Vegas…

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