50 Vault-Tec C.E.O.
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You are a pretty good guy, yet the most evil guys of the wastelands seem unable to hate you...must have something to do with your broad charming smile. In fact your smile is so charming, that it can even charm weapons with teeth similiar to your own to do more damage.


  • This perk alters the reaction of the corresponding characters towards you quite a bit.
  • Characters, who are listed evil, will still attack you on certain occasions, like when you challenge them in a dialogue or in a matched fight.
  • Putting away your weapon will almost always stop a fight with an evil group that you started, except for the case, that you already killed one of them.
  • Special dialogue choices become avaible after taking this perk [maybe giving access to an unique chainsaw and/or ripper].
  • After taking this perk, some special radio broadcasts will be played.
  • Playing a female character and taking this perk, will cause the appearance of special posters, featuring a topless girl in jeans, who covers her breasts with her left arm and has a sharks grin.

Supported gameplay style

This perk is for players, who don't want to be forced to kill the all beloved scum of the wastelands. But it doesn't only stays with this. This perk even allows you to really interact with them, study their culture, find love while watching a charming girl mutilate a corpse and much more.
With this perk I want to change the very existence of raiders and similiar groups. So far they were mostly an existence to be killed, which is kinda sad and unnatural in my eyes.
The enhancement of rippers and chainsaws blends in very well too, since those weapons seem to fit quite well to them.

Behind the scenes

  • The Perk is a reference to the character Grell Sutcliff from the manga Black Butler.
  • Comment of the creator: It always bugged me to not be able to do certain quests or just walk 3 steps without being attacked, because I tried to be a good boy and so ruined my reputation with certain...not so good factions. This perk is my solution ...for the charming people out there...and the thing with the chainsaw and is just a tribute towards the original owner of this broad charming smile. D-don't look at at me like this...t-this is just my style! A-and I actually thought, that those charming weapons need a perk of their own.
  • 2nd comment of the creator: I simply don't want to kill the cuty raider girls...yes...I am a strange guy.
  • 3rd comment of the creator: After some comments I realized, that altering the entire reputation system for just some factions, would be a too big change in the game mechanics, so that I cut away the factions and added non-faction evil groups like the Vipers or Jackals. The perk should still be quite handy for some guys out there.
  • 1st example for the special radio broadcast: "This is surely something new. We all know that raider girls love drugs, violence and showing off their bodies, which were shaped by the previous 2. But now there seems to be something they love even more. A man with the charming grin of a shark appeared out of nowhere and became instantly the hot topic among the wild raider girls. Not my taste, but I don't want to get them on their bad side."
  • 2nd example for the special radio broadcast: "Decorating their homes was always an important issue for the raider guys out there. The artfully hung up corpses and the well placed pools of blood are just some examples of their decoration skills. But a special girl created a new style with just her charming smile...and maybe 2 other things. Hand drawn posters of her became the wanted thing among raiders...and other males. And oh I know why! I have one myself here in the studio and her and the artistic talent of those raiders, who make them, is surely a reason to get one yourself."