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Protect the homeland, protect the people, protect the freedom and protect everyone's smiles - Vault-Tec Industries!— Slogan of the Vault Land radio commercial

Vault Land was once a theme park hosted by Vault-Tec Industries before the Great War and is by now a battleground between a religious cult and the two determined protectors of a big secret hidden in the depths of Vault Land.


The foundation stone of Vault Land was set in 2070 by Joanne Strausser and the grand opening was during a cloudy day in May 2073. The theme park was actually ready to open already in April, but due to an extended time of rain (nearly the entire month) the event was several times canceled and reset to start with a good image. The theme park featured several attractions, like a ferris wheel in the shape of a vault gate or a haunted tower with (somewhat communistic looking) zombies. The government financed nearly 77% of Vault Land to polish up the own image, but also to support a purpose, which was hidden from the public, like most projects from Vault-Tec. Vault Land was running extremely well for more than 4 years up to the 23rd October 2077. The events of the Great War robbed Vault Land of all laughter and all smiles, leaving behind a silent ruin. 2251 the Talon of God, a religious cult arrived at the gates of Vault Land with more than 500 of its believers. While the main part of them set their camp in front of the gates, a small group of 37 scouts was send out to take a first look, but not even one of them returned. The leaders of the expedition proclaimed 3 days later, that Vault Land was haunted by an unholy power and it was their duty to cleanse it. Saying these words only to motivate their followers they were more than anyone surprised to meet 12 figures dressed in black cloaks the next day in front of the gate. These "wizards" as they later were called by the cult warned them, that whoever sets a foot into Vault Land would meet death by their hands. Instead of fleeing 274 of the cultists directly attacked them in a rush of religious ecstasy. Yet they only accomplished to kill one of the twelve before all of them were massacred and the corpse of the lone casualty from the other side ignited itself, burning the 274 dead cultists beyond recognition and killing 5 additional cultists, which were send out to retrieve the corpse. Where people of common sanity would have left this cursed place, the cult remained and turned Vault Land into a battleground. This war stretched out until 2273 (or later) up to the point, where only one wizard and his mistress the Witch remained. Being more powerful than all the other wizards he fought the entire cult, which grew more and more with new believers, all alone and brought the fight to a stalemate for the following 4 years. In the year 2277 the fate of Vault Land changed with a simple radio transmission, which reached a Pip-Boy in the Capital Wasteland.


Vault Land is a huge area and contains several different locations. It is split up by 2 main roads, which cross each other in the heart of the theme park, which is also the location of the ferris wheel. On the sides of both the main and side roads are several small booths and the remains of greenery, which died ages ago. Aside from the ferris wheel there are 4 other major attractions of the past: an artificial lake of humongous size, the mirror labyrinth, the biggest souvenir shop ever built and the haunted tower, which stands above anything else in the park.


There are ?? marked locations within Vault Land.