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She princess, the only person who made me truly happy.Garen Wayne

The Princess is sleeping in a cryogenic pod in the cargo hall of The Cold Coffin in the year 20XX. The player won't encounter her during the game, only seeing the pod she is sleeping in. If the sidequest Once Upon a Time is completed, she and her awakening will be mentioned in the epilogue of Fallout Apprentice.


The Princess lived during the same time as Garen Wayne and met him at an unknown point of time. She shared a very close relationship with him, becoming his sole reason to live. Some time during their relationship she developed a rare neurologic disease, which would have normally killed her. Trusting Garen so much to entrust her life to him, she went into cryostasis by sleeping in a cryogenic pod he solely developed for her. In the year 22XX she awaked from her slumber by Garen and a "Visitor" and also was finally cured from her disease.


  • Her name is never mentioned in the game and Garen only refers to her as "my princess".
    • He already called her like this while she was still awake.
    • Her real name is Elizabeth Cain.
  • Her neurologic disease made the initial use of Garen's android-technology impossible on her.
    • After the end of the game her mind was transferred into an android-body, showing that he found a solution for the problem.
      • So it is correct to say:"And they lived happily ever after."


The Princess is only mentioned in Fallout Apprentice.