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Filling the heart is more important, than filling the stomach...or scum with lead.— Alastair Twines

The Happy Life is a miscellaneous item shop run by Alastair Twines in the Rivet City Market in 2277.

The inventory of the store consists of various miscellaneous items, mostly toys.


The Happy Life is a market stall situated in Rivet City's market place, directly to the left of A Quick Fix. It consists of shelves along both sides and a counter on the right hand side, with a cash register towards the back. The most notable feature of the store are 2 large teddy bears in the back of the store.

Notable loot


  • A player with the perk Child at Heart receives a 25% discount from The Happy Life.
  • If you have attacked a child at any given time in the game and talk to the shop owner, you will automatically receive a Bear of Tears and he will refuse to sell you anything.
  • The Happy Life is a reliable source for teddy bears, having always at least 5 in stock.
    • Because of this it is ideal to find teddy bears for the repeatable unmarked quest Toys for Tots.


Category Items


The Happy Life appears only in Fallout 3.