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It is so cold. It chills the flesh nearly as much as the heart.— Resident of L.A. in 22XX

The Cold Coffin is that what remains of the Los Angeles International Airport in the year 22XX and is located in L.A.


Before the Great War, The Cold Coffin was known as the Los Angeles International Airport, which was opened in the year 1937. In the year 22XX it is a place that is avoided by most residents of L.A., because no scavenger and other kinds of travelers returned from this place so far. The general features of The Cold Coffin are several free roaming Feral ghouls, Protectrons and extremely low temperatures. The locals also speak of a black knight, who roams the ruins and is seemingly immortal, since he was already seen there some years after the Great War.



The exterior of The Cold Coffin consists of the immediate surroundings of the main building and the cargo hall, the parking lot and the runway, which is shut off from the rest by an impassable fence and is only accessible through the terminal of the main building. It is populated by a few Feral ghouls, which scale with the players level.

Main Building

The main building is split into 3 parts: the terminal, the tower and the basement. You can only enter the tower and the basement through the terminal, which also provides the only entrance to the entire complex of The Cold Coffin.

The terminal is a huge dark hall, which is split in 2 levels. To get to the 2nd level of the terminal the player has to walk over the turned off escalators. The main features of the terminal are the waiting area, where a lot of abandoned carry-on baggage can be found, the souvenir shop, a small restaurant and behind a locked door the depository for confiscated goods. The carry-on baggage contains several items, ranging from miscellaneous and food items to small weapons and ammunition. Like its surrounding the terminal is populated by Feral Ghouls. The exit to the runway is a large cargo container, which was smashed into the original exit. The only working light in the entire terminal is the flickering lamp above the door to the basement, which can already be seen after entering the terminal from the outside.

The basement is a maze of similar looking frozen corridors, which all lead to a laboratory, where Garen Wayne resides. Through the corridors patrol several Protectrons, which attack the player on sight. The laboratory may be entered through several doors (the one closest to the entrance requires the highest Lockpick-Skill), which are all locked except for one (which takes the longest and most dangerous route). The laboratory itself provides a Workbench and 2 Protectrons, which can be programmed, the main feature however is a huge machine, which is capable to replicate the body and mind of Garen Wayne by creating an android-replacement in case of his death. There is also a computer, which provides the player with background information about the airport after hacking it (requires a Science-Skill of 25 or higher).

The tower can only be entered through a locked door in the terminal (you can either lockpick it with a Lockpick-Skill of 50 or open it through 2 other methods in the quest Once Upon a Time). The tower only consist out of some stairs and the actual control room.

Cargo Hall

The cargo hall can only be entered by advancing to a certain point of the quest Once Upon a Time. The hall itself is a maze of cargo containers, tubes and cables, which are all frozen to some extent. At the end of the maze a cryogenic pod containing The Princess can be found as well as 2 pods with the Heartless Knights inside.

Notable Loot

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  • It is intended, that the player follows from his starting point along a 'safe road' and that The Cold Coffin is the 1st big complex, the player will see on his journey in Fallout Apprentice, so that he is urged to explore it.
    • The "safe road" is at the start (like the name suggests) the only safe path to advance through the world, while most other roads are populated by too strong enemies for a starting player.
    • The residents of the starting point are supposed to include The Cold Coffin (and their fear for it) in their dialogues to spark the interest of the player and give him a map marker.
  • The laboratory in the basement was made by Garen Wayne himself shortly after the Great War with the help of his Protectrons.
    • The Feral Ghouls seemingly weren't in The Cold Coffin to begin with but settled at some point between the building of the laboratory and the arrival of the player there.
  • Given that most technology in The Cold Coffin still works, it might be possible, that some of the planes on the runway might still be operational.
    • The lights in the terminal were turned off by Garen Wayne to save power for the cryogenic pod of The Princess.
      • The one working light above the basement door was intentionally left on in a constant state of flickering to draw the attention of potential helpers, who might visit The Cold Coffin.
    • The power supply of the airport comes from a special reactor, which was put on line by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power in the year 2075.
  • Except for the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money this is the only location in the Fallout Universe where a gold bar can be found.
  • The extent of weapons and ammunition, that can be found in the carry-on baggage hail from the general paranoia of the people shortly before the Great War.
  • The Protectrons were actually intended to be a defense against the feral ghouls and not against potential visitors.
  • The low temperatures of The Cold Coffin are a byproduct of the cryogenic pod of The Princess.
  • The 'Android-Machine' in the laboratory was put apart outside of the basement by Protectrons and put together inside the laboratory again, since it was too big to fit through the door.
  • In the timeline of Fallout the architect Paul Williams was never hired to design the Theme Building of the Los Angeles International Airport , so that it doesn't exists in the world of Fallout.


The Cold Coffin appears only in Fallout Apprentice.