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To bring peace to the child in the crib, we shall become the talon of justice and bring all evil to the grave!— Oath of the Talon of God



The Talon of God was founded by L. John Cobbart in the year 2215. With promises of salvation and protection he gathered a small group of people around him. Bit by bit a small community of believers formed around him in the northern parts of the East Central Commonwealth. 2 years later the growth stopped as those, who didn't joined the Talon of God so far saw no benefit in doing so, as the overall region lacked real threats. Dissatisfied with this situation and craving for even more followers L. John Cobbart secretly founded a branch group. The initial purpose of this group was it to fill in the role of a local threat to instill fear in the hearts of the unbelievers. For this he ironically gathered several of the shady outcasts of the post apocalyptic society and armed them with his personal stock of weapons, which was gathered by the believers as means of protection. With this the the Talon Company was born. As soon as they started their mission several streams of new believers joined the Talon of God, causing an immense growth spurt of the cult. This created an interdependency between the Talon of God and the Talon Company. The more believers joined the cult, the wealthier it became, which also meant that the Talon Company steadily received better equipment. And the better their equipment was, the greater was the threat from these "mercenaries", which caused more people to join the cult. Growing more and more in power the Talon of God expanded towards the south and east with the Talon Company as its seemingly unrelated frontier.

Transition of Power

During its advance towards the east the Talon of God stumbled in the year 2241 upon an experimental facility of the Enclave, overpowering the scientists and guards with sheer numbers. Seeing it as a blessing of their teachings, they incorporated the facility as a branch. Despite the lacking knowledge of the believers some of the experimental technologies were presented to L. John Cobbart. Unfortunately for him one of those exploded in his hands, while he was inspecting it, killing him on the spot. With this his right hand Daren Mirkatige became the leader of the Talon of God, convincing the cultists, that the time of Cobbart had come and that there was no evil in the technology they brought to him.

The Vault Land Conquest

Mirkatige was amazed by several of the things from the Enclave's facility, seeing in them great tools to expand the cult further and so ordered the believers to gather both technology and informations from the facility. Amongst the informations he found an especially interesting file, speaking of several treasures of science located underneath a place called Vault Land. With his charisma he convinced his followers, that the files from the facility spoke of a sacred land and that it was their duty to cleanse and claim it. With this as their main goal the cult searched nearly 10 years until they found their sacred land called Vaulr Land. 2251 the Talon of God arrived at the gates of Vault Land with more than 500 of its believers. While the main part of them set their camp in front of the gates, a small group of 37 scouts was send out to take a first look, but not even one of them returned. The leaders of the expedition proclaimed 3 days later, that Vault Land was haunted by an unholy power and it was their duty to cleanse it. Saying these words only to motivate their followers they were more than anyone surprised to meet 12 figures dressed in black cloaks the next day in front of the gate. These "wizards" as they later were called by the cult warned them, that whoever sets a foot into Vault Land would meet death by their hands. Instead of fleeing 274 of the cultists directly attacked them in a rush of religious ecstasy. Yet they only accomplished to kill one of the twelve before all of them were massacred and the corpse of the lone casualty from the other side ignited itself, burning the 274 dead cultists beyond recognition and killing 5 additional cultists, which were send out to retrieve the corpse. Where people of common sanity would have left this cursed place, the cult remained and turned Vault Land into a battleground. This war stretched out until 2273 (or later) up to the point, where only one wizard and his mistress the Witch remained. Being more powerful than all the other wizards he fought the entire cult, which grew more and more with new believers, all alone and brought the fight to a stalemate for the following 4 years. Unsatisfied with this situation Mirkatige traveled himself to the battleffield and requested support in the form of manpower from the Talon Company to resolve the situation himself.


  • Despite the obvious parallels of the "Talon of God" and the "Talon Company" in name nearly all of the believers (except for the leading members) are oblivious of their relationship.
    • With enough Speech the player can point the similarities between both out, while talking to believers. Yet they will shrug off this fact as a strange coincidence.