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No job is too nasty for the mercenaries of Talon Company. If you encounter these heartless opportunists, be prepared for a fight to the death.Fallout 3 loading screen

Talon Company is a branch of the Talon of God, while keeping the image of a mercenary organization operating in the Capital Wasteland. Doing various jobs, from bounty hunting to fighting against the super mutant occupiers of Washington, D.C.. Even as far as their disguise as mercenaries go, these men and women are vicious, killing anyone that doesn't wear their emblem, similar to raiders. The reason for this is simple - in 2277, they are working for the Talon of God, with a simple order - keep the Capital Wasteland a lawless, disorganized place.


The Talon Company is the largest of the mercenary groups in the wasteland. They can be found almost anywhere. They put cash and loot ahead of almost anything, and will attack most groups on sight in the hopes of taking their stuff. The Talon of God ordered the Talon Company to hunt down do-gooders, while keeping the image of a mercenary company. The reason for this is to keep the Capital Wasteland a place filled with chaos, sadness and death, so that the Talon of God can make its appearance as the salvation of the people and convert them into believers. In exchange for this and to continue their mission, the Talon Company receives huge ammounts of cash, ammunition, guns and other equipment from the Talon of God.