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For an overview of combat armor variants in all games, as well as background information, see combat armor.

The Heartless Steel is a unique variant of the combat armor found in Fallout Apprentice.


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First created in 2051, the military-grade combat armor was designed to protect key sections of the human body from ballistic trauma with hard armored plates made from complex polymers and ceramics, with a flexible body suit interwoven with thermal-dissipative membranes and bulletproof material. The earliest models of the combat armor were manufactured as specific plates mounted on combat webbing, although as the technology improved, body-enclosing suits of armor were created and entered active combat duty, though in limited quantities. The armor came with a matte-finish olive drab coloring by default, making it suitable for woodland and/or urban camouflage. Prior to the Great War, combat armor was nearly exclusively the property of military forces and special police units. Currently-available historical documentation shows users only in the North American continent, but allied nations were likely to possess identical or similar systems. Combat armor was the de facto armor of the United States military, issued to all combat soldiers not in the powered armor units. Additionally, at least one Canadian partisan was caught on camera wearing a suit of combat armor.

Civilian ownership of combat armor was highly restricted. A special permit was required from the Bureau of Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, Firearms and Lasers for private ownership of the combat armor (though it was marketed to US citizens without mentioning this fact).


This armor is altogether an improved version of the combat armor, still having the same damage resistance as the standart variant, yet weighting 5 pounds less and having 2 very useful effects. The general design resembles a winterized combat armor, just that there is no matching helmet to the Heartless Steel and that 2 gauntlets with claws and a black coat over the armor were added to the model. The dominant color of the armor is black with slight aspects of red and gold.


  • The Heartless Knights wear a unique non-playable variant of the Heartless Steel, which scales with the players level.
  • In a dialogue about the Heartless Knights Garen Wayne mentions, that he made the armor himself, by altering some sort of combat armor, which he found in the depository for confiscated goods.
    • It is unknown, how he actually lowered the weight, while adding parts.



Heartless Steel appears only in Fallout Apprentice.