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The Black Knight...kinda like that...the knight of my beloved princess.— Garen Wayne

Garen Wayne is the only "human" inhabitant of The Cold Coffin in the year 20XX.


Born in 2052, Garen Wayne was a genius of his time, mocking with his brilliant mind the brightest heads of the MIT and the Big MT. Being gifted in several fields of science he celebrated many achievements in medicine, technology, biology and many others. Despite this he also led a more than happy relationship with The Princess, until she suffered from a rare neurologic disease. Not willing to let her die, Garen Wayne stopped all his other projects and went so far to put her into a cryogenic sleep to buy himself time. Shortly before the Great War he arrived with his plane, a big part of his private technology and The Princess at the airport, which was later known as The Cold Coffin. Being able to survive the Great War he utilized the abandoned airport as his base to continue his research, not caring what happened to the rest of the world. Using the Protectrons that were available he linked the power source of the airport to the cryogenic pod of The Princess and his own machine, amongst one was a machine to digitalize the human mind and upload it into an android-body, that is an exact copy of the minds owner through several scans. He made use of this technology earlier, than expected after his body suffered extreme damage due to the fallout that followed the Great War. In his new body he continued his research, only wishing to awaken his princess from her seemingly eternal slumber. At one point in the 22nd century however a malfunction in the tower caused the gates of the cargo hall, were The Princess was located at that time, to close with no other option to open them again, than to enter the tower. The same malfunction however also damaged a reactor so much, that it produced an electro magnetic field, which turned off any machine (including Garen Wayne and his Protectrons) if they came too close to it. Still being able to monitor, the state of The Princess and her pod, Garen Wayne kept on working on a cure. In the year 2287 he ironically found a cure in the cryogenic and android technology itself, but with no way of applying it. So he kept waiting for human travelers over years. In this time with no real work to keep his mind in check he mentally suffered to a certain degree, putting up Protectron guards to defend his laboratory against the feral ghouls, which started to settle at some point in The Cold Coffin, but not considering, that they were a threat themselves, for the help he was waiting for. He developed also a constant fear of not monitoring the state of the pod and The Princess constantly, believing that it would shut down the moment he turned his eyes away. In the year 22XX he was finally rejoined with his princess, after a "Visitor" helped him to overcome several obstacles.


  • He wears an unique non-playable variant of the Scientist outfit, which is pitch black, not buttoned and has some metal plates attached to it.
    • This outfit rewarded him the name Black Knight amongst the locals of L.A.
    • He is mainly referred to by this name. Even the game itself frequently uses this name for him.
  • He is constantly linked to the "Android-Machine" for the case, that his current body would be destroyed, so that a new copy with his current mind would be produced.
  • He is considered by the game as an essential character and so can't die.
    • After receiving a certain amount of damage he will be knocked unconscious for a short time.
  • While meeting him the 1st time he won't look into the players direction, having his eyes fixed on the screen in front of him.
  • After completing Once Upon a Time and talking to him he will sometimes give the player ammunition for energy weapons.
    • While doing so he will say: "I like to make these while chatting with my princess.", implying that he made them himself.
  • The extent of his fear can be seen by the fact, that he already had the schematics for the 5h-1E-LD, but was to afraid to leave the screen out of sight for the amount of time he needed to collect the parts for it.
  • The malfunctions in the tower and the cargo hall he talks about, might have been caused by the EMP, that followed the nuke blast, which destroyed the Cathedral of the Master in the year 2162.


  • His name are 2 references in 1.
    • Spoken out his name sounds similiar to "Gawain", who was a famous knight of the round.
    • His last name is a reference to Bruce Wayne, who was both the dark knight Batman and a genius.


Garen Wayne appears only in Fallout Apprentice.