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Work Title: Project Sugar Bomb

Final Title: A Bloody Sweet Start into the Day

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The following is the treatment for a Fallout Telemovie/ the Pilot of the planned TV series "Fallout - The Long Way Back Home"
  • Desert Scene. Tracking shot of a small giant rat being chased by two coyotes. Voice of the narrator (either you guys take Ron Perlman or it will fail) sets in: "War. War never changes." Chased rat runs through a deserted town and the narrator speaks again: "When atomic fire consumed the earth, those who survived did so in great underground vaults. When they opened, their inhabitants set out across the ruins of the old world." A man comes across and one of the coyotes immediately jumps at him and bites through his throat, while the other continues to chase the rat. Narrator speaks once more: "In this hostile wasteland mankind learned to survive...some by following the laws of the old world and even more by giving in to their desires. Yet there are so many new and old things, which could end the life of an individual in an instant." The rat runs towards a big industrial looking building. Jumps at a wall and climbs upwards to escape. Enters the building through a ventilating shaft.
  • Coyote howls. Rat runs through the ventilating shafts deeper into the building. Suddenly the ground breaks away under the rat and it falls into a dark room.
  • Rat lands in a bowl of cereals. Struggles to get out, until the mechanical arm of a Mister Handy grabs it.
  • Perspective change to the view of a man in the room. The man (not being shown, yet the color of the skin of his hands suggests that he is caucasian) and three others are bound to chairs facing a table with a bowl of cereals in front of each of them. Man struggles to get free and his view shakes around wildly. A floating brain bot with the picture of a red atomic bomb drawn on its glass container comes into view and it looks with his two eye monitors at the rat. Says, that rats don't fit to cereals.
  • The Mister Handy throws the rat against a wall and it practically explodes.
  • Brain bot now directs his attention to the 4 captives on the chairs. Introduces himself as Mr. Winker and speaks to them, like they would be children.
  • Suddenly 4 other Mister Handies appear out of the shadows. Each has a syringe attached to an arm. Mr. Winker explains, that he would like the 4 captives to try out his newest creation, namely the cereals in front of them.
  • The captive to the right of the man (an afro-american, around 20 years old) yells at Mr Winker, saying that he isn't stupid enough to eat this strange stuff. Mr. Winker lectures him, that because of this his friends are here to motivate them. Suddenly each of the Mister Handies ram a syringe in the shoulder of one of the captives. Explains that the antidote to the poison they just received is in the cereals.
  • The Mister Handies cut through the bindings of the 4 captives and they hastily swallow down the cereals. Mr. Winker commends the 4 captives as "Good Childs" and offers them to play a bit with him and his friends.
  • Suddenly the captive on the other side of the table (a caucasian woman, maybe around 35 years old) jumps up and runs out of the exit behind her. Darkness gets illuminated by the red light of a laser and the sound of something dropping down following it.
  • Mr. Winker states his disappointment, since they should wait for his starting signal before they play Hide & Seek. Explains, that he gives them 10 minutes to prepare, before he and his friends start looking for them. Plays through his speakers the sound of a starting gun.
  • The man and the other 2 captives run off through the exits behind each of them.
  • Runs through the halls looking for an exit. Bumps into a Protectron after running around a corner and tumbles back. Protectron states, that the game starts in 9 minutes. Runs in the opposite direction.
  • Cut scenes of him running through the dark halls, with the sound of his breath and his heartbeat getting louder after each cut.
  • Ends up in a huge hall with a lot of machines. Announcement of Mr. Winker through the speakers of the room. Says that the game starts. Hides in the narrow space between one of the machines and the wall.
  • His eyes get used to the darkness. Sound of his heartbeat and breath getting fainter, slowly calming down.
  • Suddenly Mr. Winker yells in the hall: "Aaaaaaaaaand found one!". Breath and heartbeat getting extremely loud, before a piercing scream sounds up. The remaining captive (an asian woman) seemingly hid herself in the room too and was found. Man looks through a tiny gap, seeing how the woman gets dragged away by 2 Mister Handies into another corner of the hall, screaming the entire time, until the sound of a machine tearing apart flesh replaces this sound. Mr. Winker says in an amused tone, that there are still 2 to go and leaves the hall with his robots.
  • Man waits a short while, before leaving his hiding place. Attempts to go to the corner the woman was dragged to, but changes direction, mumbling: "It is better not to know."
  • Walks through a hallway, pressed closely to the wall. Tries to open several doors, until he finds one, which isn't locked.
  • Enters the room, which is filled with several desks and computers, separated by partitions. Goes to the desk in the right corner of the other side of the room, since its partition made it hard to see it from the entrance.
  • Sits down on the chair in front of the desk and tries to calm down. Notices, that the computer is still running and looks through its logs.
  • Text of the logs runs over the screen (of the viewer, not of the computer), with the parts of the man he can see himself expressing his current emotions in the background. Logs tell the story of Mr. Winker from the perspective of one of his workers and also showing, that the building he is currently in was the main factory for producing Sugar Bombs. Explains how he starts as a great boss, who treated his workers very good up to the point, where he locked up the workers in the building and used them to satisfy his murderous desires. The computer log ends with the comment of the worker, that he hid a gun in one of his drawers to defend himself and that the key is on the backside of the computer.
  • Man gets a laughing fit and quickly takes the key from the backside of the computer. Unlocks the drawer of the desk and finds a laser pistol (an AEP7 model) and some energy cells.
  • Suddenly the mechanical arm of a protectron grabs him on his shoulder and turns him around. Man starts to panic and flails around with the laser pistol. Shoots through the head of the Protectron (more accidental, than attempted), which falls to the ground.
  • Moves again through the hallways, but not pressed against the wall anymore. Overall light setting seems a bit brighter. Hears steps of a robot and readies his pistol. Tries to fire the gun at the Protectron as soon as it moves around the corner. Gun explodes in his hand and tears it apart. Screams in pain and changes direction, running away from the robot. Heartbeat and breathing get louder again, while the surrounding light fades more and more.
  • Arrives in the entrance hall of the factory, seeing the exit. The doors open, light from the outside falls into the entrance hall and the silhouette of a man stands in the gap, since he opened them. Man runs towards him but suddenly stops and the sound of a laser can be heard. Looks down on himself, touches his chest and blood oozes out from it. He turns around and sees a Protectron drawing closer. The head of the robot gets blast off by a gun shot. Turns around again and falls to the ground. Looks upwards, seeing how the man he just saw stands above him. Tries to speak but only coughs up blood.
  • Zoom in to the face of the man standing above him. A young handsome caucasian male, not older than 25 years with pitch black hair. He is wearing rimless glasses. Camera moves behind him.
  • The man lying on the ground is caucasian, around 45 years old. His hair is grey and he wears a green overall. He is already dead. The man standing above him kneels down and moves his fingers over the right side of his chest, reading from the tab, which was sewn on the overall: "Chad H." Stands up and talks to the corpse: "Well Chad...I am Korvo and...I know it won't change much for you anymore, but I will do it anyway, because I am a nice guy...Each tin can here will get a bullet." Two Mister Handy enter the entrance hall, but get shot before they can react. Full view of Korvo, who has already put away his gun. He is wearing a long black coat, which is torn apart on several spots. On his right arm is a Pip-Boy 3000, with a pitch black outer shell and a crimson red screen. "I shall never speak lies and never break promises...'Cause I am a nice guy." He walks deeper into the building.
  • Enters the hall in which Chad was hiding. Turns on the lights with a switch close to the door. The sound of the lights turning on is rather loud. Sees how the arm of a dead female reaches out of a blood spilled machine. The machines original use was like it seemed to process the Sugar Bomb cereals. Korvo comments to this: "Good thing I prefer bacon and apples for breakfast. Good decision to do the job alone. Wouldn't want to see Lizzy puke the next 3 weeks into her cereal bowl after seeing this. I enjoy breakfast after all. And you?" Turns around, since Mr. Winker is hovering behind him. Mr. Winker simply laughs, telling him, that he didn't had a breakfast for more than 2 centuries. Korvo expresses his pity for Mr. Winkers situation and asks casually for a tour around the factory. More than simply interested Mr. Winker agrees.
  • Mr. Winker shows Korvo around, telling him the history of Sugar Bombs during the tour. Korvo asks how murderous abductions fit to cereals for kids. Mr. Winker replies, that he is simply in contact with his inner child, which always loved to tear out the limbs of insects. Adds as second question, why he is in possession of such a high tech brain bot body. Mr. Winker is amazed, that he noticed and gives as answer, that he loves children and so also couldn't allow his inner child to die. As a final add to his answer he also states, that it wasn't really cheap to buy it, since the folks in the big cereal bowl were rather greedy and miss the right crunch.
  • They arrive at the storage hall, which is filled to the roof with packages of Sugar Bombs, which were ready to be shipped out. They silently walk through the hall, with the packages getting more and more strange, the last ones being dripping wet and red, seemingly being made a few moments ago. Korvo makes a joke, that not all ingredients seem to be written on the package. Mr. Winker laughs and replies, that the department for changing the print on them forgot to do so, before they lost themselves in his great product.
  • They reach the other end of the hall. Mr. Winker leads Korvo to several boxes filled with decoder rings. Offers him to take one, describing them as a great source of joy and lamenting, that the workers who were supposed to put them in the packages were "needed" in the production, since human resources became day by day more and more scarce. Korvo takes one and follows Mr. Winker to his office.
  • Mr. Winker concludes the tour and asks Korvo if he has any questions left. Korvo declines, but offers Mr. Winker a game, before they get to business. Korvo explains, that it is a simple game and pulls out a marker. Comes closer to Mr. Winker and writes something on his 3 screens. Mr. Winker is confused, but Korvo requests him to look into a mirror. Mr. Winker floats to the closest mirror and reads the 3 written words: "I AM DEAD". The front of his glass tank cracks after a gunshot and Mr. Winkers screens turn off before he falls to the ground, a bullet having pierced the backside of his glass container and brain. Korvo is shown behind him with his gun drawn (a black Desert Eagle Mark XIX with a golden crow ornament on the barrel) and says: "I always write the truth on the package...'Cause I am a nice guy." Kneels down and breaks open one of the metal parts of the dead brain bot. Takes out several parts until he finds the piece of technology he was looking for. Comments on this: "Nice guys always get the best toy out of a package. But it would be unfair to take you can have this one back." Stands up and throws the decoder ring through the hole in the glass container, watching it float down through the fluid towards the brain of Mr. Winker.
  • Goes back until he reaches the storage hall, were seemingly the remaining Mister Handies and Protectrons of the factory all gathered, chanting in a mechanical chorus: "Hostility detected, eliminating humanoid aggressor." Korvo simply replies, that they seem to be nice guys too, since they make his promise to Chad so easy. Draws his gun and his Pip-Boy gleams up. Time seems to flow extremely slow in the style of Bullet Time and he starts to shoot the robots, which seem to be frozen in time. As soon as time flows normal again all robots fall to the ground and Korvo puts away his gun, before staggering a bit and reaching out to his head with his left hand, mumbling to himself: "I hate using this...but nice guys have no right to complain about headache"
  • Arrives at the entrance hall, calling out to Chad: "I filled the tin cans Chad...Chad?" Notices that Chads corpse is gone. He comments this situation as strange, but not as strange as this entire place, seemingly not caring too much about it. Goes towards the exit, quietly singing: "The crow doesn't cares about the origin of the flesh, the crow doesn't cares about the guard of the corn, so why should I care~".
  • A woman in a tank top and more than two times patched worker pants is waiting in front of the building leaned against an old car. Instead of greeting him, her first question to Korvo is, if he got his hands on the part she was looking for. Korvo draws it out of his pocket, while greeting her and calling her Lizzy. She starts nagging, criticizing that he handled such a delicate and rare piece of technology so carelessly. Korvo tries to say something, but Lizzy cuts him off, saying: "I know, I know, I know...Nice guys are simple guys. And you are so nice, that even your mind became extremely simple". Instead of feeling insulted, Korvo simply laughs it off, lying down on the back-seat of the car, replying: "And my overly simple mind is neither meant for driving, nor for working too long, so carry me home Mrs. Chariot." and humming the tunes of "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot". Muttering several curses and taking place on the drivers seat, Lizzy starts the motor of the car, which seems to be barely functional. They drive off towards the east with Korvos humming getting more and more faint.
  • The doors of the factory close and the silence returns to its interior. A fast backwards camera ride towards the storage hall. Zoom in on a hole, which was crudely dug into the ground. Suddenly the arm of an afro-american male (presumably the remaining captive) thrusts out of the hole, followed by a scream. The man gets dragged down by something into the darkness until the screams fade out. Wide view of the storage hall. The ending theme plays. Music stops abruptly, as several arms with dark scaly skin and claws burst through the tiles of the ground.
  • End


  • Mr. Winker is a reference to Willy Wonka from the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, since both of them produce a food for children and are in deep contact with their inner child.
    • This way Mr. Winkers robots are his Oompa Loompas.
  • The "big cereal bowl" Mr. Winker is talking about is the Big MT.
  • Korvo is esperanto for crow.
  • The perspective change from Chad to Korvo is supposed to symbolize the 2 avaible perspectives in modern Fallout games.
    • Comment from Leafless: "I always felt, that the 1st person view was ideal for scary and dark locations, so I chose it for the Chad-part to intensify the feeling of fear and helplessness. The 3rd person view on the other hand is great for adventure and less peril parts, since it gives the viewer a feeling of secureness to see the surrounding."
  • As theme song I would like to use "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot", with altered lyrics:

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,

Coming for to carry me home.

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,

Coming for to carry me home.

I looked upon the dead, and what did I see

On the long way back home?

A murder of crows is following me,

On the long way back home.