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A Magical Land is a main quest in the Fallout 3 add-on Vault Land.

Quick walkthrough

A Magical Land
Talk to Daren Mirkatige in the Camp of the Talon of God.
Follow the group of Talon Company mercenaries to the gate.
Go to the ferris wheel.
Return to the camp
Go to the haunted tower
Reward: Negative Karma
150 XP
Reward: Good Karma
150 XP
Leads to: Many versus two
Leads to: Two versus Many

Detailed walkthrough

This quest follows directly after And to battle we go.... The player will start this quest with several mercenaries of the Talon Company near the camp of the Talon of God. Following the other members of the group you will receive direct instructions from Daren Mirkatige in his tent. With the order to "explore" the area around the heart of Vault Land the group gathers at the entrance gate of Vault Land. From now on the player only has to follow the group of mercenaries until they reach the ferris wheel. This will trigger an attack from an unseen assailant, killing all members of the group except the player. Afterwards the attacker will offer the player the chance to join forces with him to keep the cult from the secrets of Vault Land, because he seems different from the "religious idiots" and "greedy soldiers". The following choice determines the flow of DLC. If the player returns to the camp of the Talon of God he will side with the cult, but if he wants to join forces with the wizard the haunted tower should be the goal of this quest.


  • During this quest the Talon Company mercenaries wear grey coats over their armors.