You know, it’s funny. Before Bethesda’s Fallout 3 was released, the Internet had a massive, throbbing hateboner for NMA. The traditional Fallout followers saw the drastic alterations that Bethy made to the series, and basically, they said, ‘We dislike these new alterations. We’d prefer having the core formula conserved.’ And everybody responded to this with ‘OMFG u just want the same game over and over again!!!! YOU HATE INNOVATION!!!’ Yet here we are with Fallout 4, which conserves the core mechanics of Fallout 3—we have the ‘same game’—and I don’t see any Fallout 3 lovers complaining. (Hell, even the plot is identical; they just switched a couple of words around.) The only reason why they welcomed these ‘innovations’ was because they suited their personal tastes. Improving the originals? Who wants that junk? Give us our Oblivion with guns!