IMG 1304

Sierra Madre Casino!

IMG 1305

Boom! Test Site!

IMG 1306

The Strip!

IMG 1307

Mt. Charleston

IMG 1308

Nellis AFB

IMG 1309

Big Empty!

IMG 1310

Mormon Fort

IMG 1311

Where it all begins...

IMG 1312

Where it all ends...

Ok, I've been thinking for a while now on how to actually produce the FNV Snow globes, and it's taken me about two months to come up with the results I'm posting. I managed to complete nine of the so far 10 snow globes and have decided to try posting them up here for you guy to check out, and comment if you like. Also, please know that I may have taken them at a bad angle, and they may seem skewed. I assure you the labeling is directly in the middle.

I'd like to thank Xporc for pointing me in the right direction, and Machienzo over on the Neoseeker forums for providing me with the texture files (since I don't have the PC version!)