Fallout 4 in my opinion has so much potential to be one of the greatest in it's genre for storytelling, open world exploration, and it's RPG elements where the previous fallout games had nailed right in the head and started that fallout 4 could simply pick up where they had left off.

In my opinion Fallout 4 did so but with a few leaps forward and plenty of leaps backwards compared to both Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

I personally think three of the major issues was both the limited chat (4 choices?! And half the time its opposite of what you wanted to say!), the massive effort into creating a modification system with just minuscule effort towards an actual range of firearms, and lastly the fact Bethesda simply focused on settlement mode / workshop in 3 / 6 DLC.

I wanted to use this blog to provide what I feel the modding communities first step is into making this game into the phenomenon that Fallout 3, and Fallout New Vegas had provided and then a comprehensive list of what mods already exist to add to immersion and are already getting the ball rolling.

What some of these mods need to do is add towards the loot table, provide with the lacking weapons, clothing, and consumables of the previous Fallout's, add more interiors to Concord, Lexington, and other Major Cities that allow the player much more to discover about the wasteland with added stories / immersion, and lastly provide some of the technology from the previous fallout's like Dialogue Skill Checks, Environmental / Quest Perks, and more NPC's / Creatures. (You know those ants from Nuka-World arn't the real Fallout Ants, Where's my Giant Ant Queen!)

Mods that I personally feel add needed Immersion / Gameplay elements include: (Brings original Assault Rifle) (Brings New Vegas's 9mm Pistol) (Brings the original Chinese Pistol) (Brings the original Chinese Assault Rifle) 'Not the Nuka-World "Homemade" Russian Assault Rifle (Brings numerous original Fallout 3 and New Vegas Outfits) (Adds multiple new interiors to the shoreline and cities) (Adds numerous items and grenades from New Vegas and Fallout 3) (Adds original Fallout 3 Gobi Sniper Rifle) (Adds Enclave X-02 Power Armor, There's terminals that mention the Enclave but no power armor to be found, that's too silly) (Adds New Vegas's Pre-War Riot Armor) (Adds Creatures from Far Harbor into The Commonwealth) (Adds "Capital Wasteland" Styled Power Armor Paint Jobs)