So, Hence the new Elder Scroll's release a week back, I haven't really played FO that much , Since yesterday XD, I must have played it half way through because all I remember was saying 'Screw it, It's 1am, going to bed' And saving at, I think, The Remnants Bunker, Attempting to know how to get in? Oh and my Project is going along well, I already have half the movie done and a book nearly complete and 2 others started The Movie: Wastelandera, About a man who wakes up shortly after being left for dead by his ex-companions, With amnesia, he sets out to remember how to survive, and how to kill at the same time. The 1st Book: Wastelandera : Sam, Set in the same ways as Fallout 3, A vault Dweller and his brother and friends, Make a break for it after the Vault's Purifier get's damaged and everyone is forced to evacuate, He later writes a book about his life. And goes through his journeys. The 2nd book: Wastelandera : Kenny, About a veteran wastelander, Born on the wastes and made to survive. He seeks to eradicate the badness in the watses, and ultimately, succumbing to it instead. The 3rd Book: Wastelandera survival guide!, Going through all of the places, monsters and notable people of the wastes! Such as the Fuzz, Ravens, And the Exiled Rangers. Coming soon to a store near you ! ( I over exadgurated there a bit....)