Ah Boone, You find him in Novac and find out who sold his wife to the Legion, Then you recruit him as a follower, Then you find out HE killed his wife and that he is a suicidal drunk with a sniper rifle. WOW, this dude is one slick sunovabeyatch. We took out the Legion in the Fort, Took out Nelson, Ransacked their safehouse. Destroyed their camps. Then when we went to Bitter springs with me he decides to stay and kill a Legion Raid group. But only ends up getting angry after and kills himself at the end of the game. What an idiot. R.I.P. Craig Boone, (Starts a new game, goes to Novac.) Hey Boone whats up? What do you mean your wifes missing? You mean YOU KILLED HER WHEN SHE WAS GETTING SOLD? WE COULDA BUSTED HER OUT MAN! Oh whats that? Yeah I could use a partner lets go... NO WHERE NOT GOING TO BITTER SPRINGS YOU MORON!