I was playing Fallout New Vegas one night, and I was recklessley trying to prevent saving, because I only had two saves left and most of the saves were memorable moments in the game like endings, epic moments ect. and I went to do some looting in freeside, so I started with Mick and Ralphs, then Ransacked Silver Rush which took me like a whole hour because those Plasma Casters tore right through me. Then I decided to do the Atomic Wrangler just for fun, and I deicded to set up a base of operations and lay all my weapons down and stuff, so I bought a room on the second floor, layed all my weapons down, repaired my armour blah blah blah, reloaded and dropped crap that I did'nt need, then I went to sleep for 24 hours ( Game Time ) and when I woke up I could'nt get out of my room! All of that pillaging for nothing, it said it couldnt be lockpicked and required a key, which I had on me, but wouldnt work! Explain someone?