Awww, sick, EPICNESS. Mods. Nuff said. So the other day I was playing my new copy of Fallout 3. Decided I had enough of the struggle of the game, I had it on Very Hard because I really wanted to level, and trying to take on a battalion of Enclave troopers. WITH A MAGNUM. Nothing else on me apart from 'ol Sally, my Hunting Rifle. Which I had been using since I started the game. (YES, I TOOK THE NAME FROM BLACK OPS :/) And I got blow to bits like, 90 times in a row. Then I decided "Damn, had enough", looked up some mods and how to use em, then I figured, damn, too hard to use. So I got some savegames from youtube and learned to use Modio and such. AND HEWL YEAH, Took me a while to get up to that point again like. But when I got there, I was SO enthusiastic to blow everyone up with my new Lincoln Rifle, Or Sally's bigger sister as I call her.