Ok So I love Fallout in general. I played Wastelands on my Commodore 64 when I was a young teenager, Fallout 2 on my PC shortly after I moved out for the first time, and Fallout 3 with my current and forever man. The thing is, someone has always played them before me, so I can always ask questions. I figure most shit out on my own, but sometimes it is just sooo frustrating that I need help before I am turned off the game completely. But New Vegas, I got that on release day, and have been playing it after university classes. And Vault 22, you nearly killed me. It was the stupid hard door on Pest Control level, behind which was the object of my desire, DATA. I didn't know that repairing the elevator meant I wouldn't go near Crew Quarters and so I would never discover that tricky little red pass card on the shelf in the nursery. No, I thought I would have to leave, level up and come back when I could unlock a Hard lock. It didn't make sense, since even on Hardcore the enemies were tough but fair and I didn't really have any trouble. Oh internets, why couldn't you just be there for me on this? Was this penance for all the information I have taken from this wiki without returning any to it? Well, then I have made amends. No one shall wander Vault 22 again without the answers to their dear questions.